Bealtaine 2020

We forgot to accept and love things as they are.

It is the very fine balance between staying centered and raging against powers that cannot be reached no matter how much you love them.

Trust that you matter, and your words matter, your existence matter, that you alone with that have the power to change by your subtle influence. You are powerful.

Align then to who you are. It is after all what you ever came here to do. To disengage from the programming, to create a forcefield in which you know yourself, and stop wavering, stop leaving yourself, stop expecting happiness from something or someone outside of this awareness.

The difference between power and potency. Which intention is behind your force? To empower or to disempower?

Are you sure you are really helping heal someone when you try to remove the clouds from their sky? How do you know what they need? Stay out of it. Heal yourself. Let others heal themselves. Pain only comes as a result of not wanting to engage in what is coming up for you to be faced, healed and released.

How can you let yourself know your strength? How can you let others know their strength, if you continue to smother them, help them, and even so- did they ask? And even if they ask- will it what is best for their higher good or are you unintentionally feeding their then never healing wound? Would it be better to assertively claim they need to stop identifying with being a victim?

To let them know, that whenever they want, they can step into the complete awareness of knowing they are joy, love and that life force, essence, soul, if you will, is never broken, nor damaged, never hot whole, even if their bodies are. No one can harm you. Not really. REAL, being the operative word.

What is compassion, really? What is love, really?

I have talked about this time as a powerful portal. The space is clear still, before the big return to a world yet unknown.

Chances are most of us will act as usual, unchanged by this time. Maybe because some of us never considered this as it really was- a welcome pause to do some real work- and I don’t mean the one you get paid for by mass collective agreed and accepted paper and metal or imaginary figures aka currency, but the consult you are actively engaging in with and seeking with your higher self and the communion you are having with gOd.

Others of us crazy humans will have done some serious work and also mostly have celebrated this as a time to give ourselves a break, to meditate, get off the hamster wheel, go to nature, breathe, accept this, kinda knowing already it would come, cause we were told it would- yeah, those are the little things you get to be let in on in advance because you commune with this web of life..

But also realizing deeply and accepting that there ARE always deep issues that are so deeply hidden in our shadow selves, the blind spots, that are coming up from the depth now to be released and set free- and those are the things you subconsciously try to avoid and therefore when your life is really busy with other things, you never get to address them.

In complete isolation and solitude, however- they come up. Full force. Because your soul is intelligent. It wants to live in freedom. In love. In accordance with knowing its potential-. JOY We are NOT here and it was never the plan to suffer. To feel pain.

These are very old lies and very heavy beliefs. It is the religions of this world- the dogma- Not in the actual spiritual essence- but in the way Humans perceived them and misused them to control others. To gain power.

We are releasing more than 2000 years of misunderstood ideas of how to be in this world!

Today is yet another day of portal time.

It comes from around the time when we started cultivating land, started to discover that the weather and especially the Sun was important for the way we had begun living. We gave thanks for this. We celebrated this. We placed Rocks in certain ways because someone somewhere instinctively knew that when the Sun and certain star constellation were aligning with certain structures, it was time to do something special. Something that was considered sacred. And this became a trend. And it spread worldwide.

Before all this need for controlling the lands and animals and building megaliths, we just knew. Our instincts and connection to Life, Nature, Lands, Plants, Animals, Weather, Wind, Sun, Stars, Ocean, Fire, Rivers, Rocks and all those things were treated as alive and equal.

Perhaps this is something to be celebrated today? To perhaps remember who we are, still, and we are actually truly capable of?

Happy Cross Quarter Day- it is astronomically the portal time between Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice- however and whatever you like to call it … The time and space is open, these times are potent. Sacred.

To empower, hopefully and consciously choose this time with potency for a change, a joyful manifestation, one that honors YOUR sOul and lets in JOY to your life?