Who are you now, that the world you knew and built your house on has gone? Ready to come out of hibernation? Did you rest well? Did you consciously use this chrysalis to shed the old you, realizing you were waiting for this time, enough with crawling around and are you now ready to trust your wings? Having realized how beautiful but fragile you are? Knowing that is ok, you have already died a thousand times and you will die a billion more- these are the conditions of being eternal- just not here, not like this, not this way- that all of this is but a flicker in eternity. Are you embracing your vitality, your life force whilst in human form, are you embracing your mortality or does this reality scare you into submission? Are you seeing through eyes that are blind or is your One eye open? What do you hear when you listen? Is your inner voice full of your Fire, talking razor sharp truth, do you even know it anymore, have you silenced and forsaken your inner knowing and replaced it with the voice of the Powers outside you? 'If you could flick a switch and open your third eye you would seen that we should never be afraid to die.' Fear... Something to surrender to and give up, let someone else’s version of the good life be replacing your true purpose? Or would you rather be free and own yourself? Would you want to know the truth about your life- that you were meant to live healthy, safe, with love, abundance, joy… ? Or agreeing to forever being the victim of circumstance ‘beyond your control’? Do you know you matter in this world? Can you take the space that is yours here? And own and know it is yours? Does it frighten you when we tell you nothing is by coincidence, but that everything is intelligent and conscious? All connects. Now. Realize deeply now, that you are deciding whether to take the blue pill or the red pill, but that the twist is this time you will remember afterwards which pill you chose… Amnesia is no longer optional, because you actually want to come into love, into freedom, into balance, alignment with your light. It has already awakened within you. Art: Linda Gadbois, 'Creative Transformation'