Sun in Fixed Earth time

The inner landscape reflects the outer.

The happenings that are playing upon your awareness and unfold in dreams before you act on them in this life. And still the mind fights so hard for its Earthly bound kingdom though the soul journeys far and wide, when we trustfully and willingly go to sleep every night- yearning for those kind of wanderings coming into freedom, coming into super hero capability, out of this world, color perceiving and allowing it to happen, allowing ourselves to happen. Not questioning too much these laws, just perhaps at most (and at will) finding them … strange at times.

Picking and eating fresh beech leaves right after they have burst from their winter naked branches in the forest, initiating us and blessing us to her season.

She is here with us now, waking up the Hearts that were expecting Snow that never came, lacking the season that went undone, instead came the strangest Winter of all our lives yet, in which we learned harder than ever, no one can touch our Souls. Our Hearts are free, not able to be chilled and hardened, but rather through crisis they soften and open and remind us of the vital things.

A blessing.

The Snow may come next season and cause for such a celebration.

She walks among us now and let us awaken to a deeper sensuality, a ripeness, a maturity, a new dawn.

She merges with all our Hearts, reminds us of mercy, of grace, of joy, reminding us how to be free, worriless, not submitted into Fear and panic, but within our very cells is a memory of this Joy to be had in co-existing with Earth and Nature. Joy, the natural state. Joy, the very building blocks and foundation of our bodies, our blood, our minds, our actions- because it is the liquid golden vibrating electrical stuff from our eternal Souls that we have intelligently slowed way down and become Matter. WE matter! Remember?

The Earth sings her most enticing, pleading, wakening, most sincere, thickest, juiciest and vital Songs right now. If you put your Ear to Her, you will hear her Voice talking directly to you. Whispering to you only, whatever secret she wants to let you know. I can guarantee it will lift your Spirit. Through all the Earth Songs, this one is my favorite.

Happy Sun in Fixed Earth-time. The New Moon will make a big deal out of this shortly.. so if you are into celebrating.. this is the Time.