A New Earth

Could this be a breakthrough coming into existence only from the breakdown?

In this space of feeling your own selves. Realizing what you need. A new want can rise.

In this space of not being out there a space opens up. It is free. Clear. From pollution. Thought pollution. Emotional pollution. Energy pollution. False dependency of each other. Allowing us to come into our own. Being recalibrated. Knowing ourselves. Uninterrupted.

What rises and flows through you? Fear, at first, maybe anger and frustration- the need to blame someone or something for this- the governments, the dark people (whoever they are?), acceptance, then love. Overwhelming love and compassion. From inside of you.

Reflecting on what you normally do. If that rat race really fills you up? What would you rather do?

What are you desiring to return to? Is that YOUR idea of life- or something you have been told to do, and then bought into for so long?

What if on the other side of this and learning from this, we realize that we have plenty of resources? That Mother Earth actually can and does supply and provide us with our every need for living? That every living thing on this planet is provided for and can feel safe. But we need that balance with Earth and our natural resources to never ever end up here again.

What if the robots and artificial intelligence are here, not to take over our jobs but to free us to live a completely, not yet created life? Not yet even considered, because our lives, minds and energy has been locked in doing the same thing over and over and over for so long we stopped imagining something else. Stopped listening to the yearnings from our exhausted minds and bodies?

What would YOUR life be? Would it feel great to sleep until you woke up (no alarms) and do morning yoga, eat breakfast, with your loved ones, spending the day outside, being with a group of people to meditate together or make plans together, build a house together? Or play? And THEN going to some sort of work- not for making money, because you had it, it was given equally to everyone in your country- but because you felt the need to. 15 hour work weeks mandatory for everyone- no one would be out of a job, everyone would help sustain our world- but in a new way.

We would no longer need all the superfluous stuff and material bullshit, because we’ve understood the lesson here. We would no longer kill of animals for the sake of eating them, but we would understand the need for natural balance with our surroundings and environments. How would life be?

What are the kids learning from this? That they are not forced to go to a school every day that teaches them one way of learning, one old fashioned repetitive way of beating every natural impulse of feeling their own drive and skills out of them. They are also learning to feel themselves and not the constant pressure of performing, being good enough, graded, but allowed to be with their otherwise busy parents, and having time to let their natural impetus emerge from the depths where it has been stowed away.

These are the leaders of our future. You see the possibilities here?

A new world. A new future.

I realize that we will mostly go back to the system and paradigm we know. Because that’s we humans do. But I truly believe something will awaken within the majority of all people.

A little spark of knowing deep from within, there is no ‘them and us’. We are all in this together.

And that tiny spark of new thinking, will forge a new path. Slowly, but ever so surely.

Be mindful of your creative thi

nking these days. Notice what arises within your dreamscape.

We are in our own spaces, our auric fields are clear. Observe. Listen.

In that space you are being super beamed with inspiration, because you are finally not distracted!

It will close again, once you get back out there. So take notes. Listen.