Earth's memory

There is a hole in the ground in the forest. Shaped from the massive weight of Ice, a cold form of fixed Water thousands of years ago.

Tracing that unfoldment of action. Where did that Water come from? What Life had it touched? What memory was it holding? Fixed. There on top of Earth’s breathing space- an interchange of consciousness? Slowly but surely, pressure and time. These are the principles of Earth Law. This realm.

14000 years ago, that Fixed cold Water, the Ice, started melting. It was a lake. Holding and facilitating life. Then over the course of 10000 years it dried out.

Moist, dark and wet at the bottom still, the ancient ones felt presence here. The remnants, remainders and echoes of everlasting vibration to be felt, tapped into, heard, sensed, seen for the sensitive or for those who chose to silence themselves enough to expand beyond themselves and their believed and thus perceived idea of reality and existence, of the exchange of consciousnesses; Gaia and her expression of happening onto the principles of Weather; the connection to Universal laws in this great vortex.

This is how sacred lands were made. A place of quickening, a place of power. A chakra.

We feel The Great Mother very present as we walk towards the bottom of the kettle hole. A small cairn has been raised, but not so that it is blocking the presence.

Beckoned to surrendering, letting go and journey into her vortex pull, I remember the feeling of engaging in the centripetal and the centrifugal. An echo of a Journey. The Whitehaired Seer is suddenly very present energetically- An echo of wisdom. And love. Being nowhere and everywhere. Back to the beginning to undo. Unravel. Unmake. Becoming the child. Elegantly knowing your timing.

Being unmade. Back to being a vibration. One with Source.

In the womb of this Mother, this realm, I see there is no disconnection. Never. Ever. It is all a MATTER… of… focus. She births me and has me rolling over on my back, reminding me to see and always know the connection with heaven. Heaven on Earth. My mission. My choice. My reason of being. Simply. Breathing it in. Letting the Sky embrace us as well. Balance. Flow.

The sun breaks out. The Man I walk with is meditating by my side.

The loud noise breaks the silence. It is the Wind coming.

We leave rocks from the Shores up North from the Equinox ritual in the Womb portal.

It is Black Moon. We are realigning with the Earth Pulsating. It's what we have been asked to do.

We leave the hole in the ground, in the forest, and know ourselves in a new way that is eternal. Humming along the Earth Song.


Here are some words to reflect on, meditate even, stated by Plotinus (204-270 AD): ‘The stars are like letters that inscribe themselves at every moment in the sky. Everything in the world is full of signs. All events are coordinated. All things depend on each other. Everything breathes together.’