Spring Equinox 2020

’Hello… Is anybody in there? Just nod if you can hear me..?’

What did you expect?

Are you breathing at all with no Air? When the emphasis is all about Earth. Fixed and Cardinal. Which Giants are you listening to? How do they manifest in you? For you? BY choice? Or do you continue to believe it is happening to you?

The Heart energy. The Unexpected. The ‘do it over’. Fixed.

Come into your Heart- who is governing it? Anyone at all?

So, we are faced with Death and Dying. Eerie feelings. Deep transformation. Deep fear. Who is governing that? Are you listening to the Man on the Screen or the Man in the Mirror? Whose ways are you asking to change? Yours? Or theirs? Do you still believe it’s not connected?

What can you do today to hold you? Is there something you would rather do?

We are in for a ride until April. Then there will be quiet, but the questions have been asked, the change has happened, and we are unable to go back.

Is that a good thing? Can you make it so?

The giants are not leaving they are just moving. Asking you to look again from different perspectives. Can we do this better? A new way? A different way?

Do you remember what manifested May 15th 2018?

She will kiss the Keymaster a second before she takes a fresh breath of Air in and hold it as she journeys into the Darkness. Swimming in the Waters of forever, she will remind you, should you choose to align with her Journey, that you are eternal, but must understand how to disengage from your Wave and become the Ocean. She will pass through the Equinox Gate and initiate it with her promises of cyclical change-birth-life-death-rebirth, before she enters the stage again ready to blow your Heart with Hope and new Beginnings.

April 7 lets her breathe out. You can listen to Everlong, by Foo Figthers, if you want to understand how that feels..

You can trust your Journey, but only if you make it a conscious One. Now.

With the massive emphasis on Earth- get grounded. Be here. Not in your screen. Your digital life is being tested right now.

Is it not interesting that this virus is affecting our lungs and breathing? Life force. Breath. Have you hugged a Tree lately? Do you KNOW that they are the LUNGS of THIS EARTH? Do you spot the connection and the link how everything breathes together.. everything! No thing is outside this breathing web! Get it?

We can have all the material comfort(ably numbing) in the world, but it’s no good with NO BREATHING.

So breathe. What does Fear do? It makes you panic and makes you hyperventilate. Breathe.

Go out in the forest. But not to just walk around. Be aware. Listen to her. Breathing. Connect. Ground. Take off your shoes and socks. Connect. Lie down on your stomach if it feels better. Connect.

Do it now, before the Giants move into AIR and have you breathing again. Let it become a CONSCIOUS act.

Use this Equinox Gate to initiate yourself. She is ready to hold you, the Mother. Receive you. Love you. Hold you. Embrace you. Comfort you. Align you to your own strength and power and wisdom. To live in peace.

Reconnect. Harmony. Joy.

If you need guidance, call me.

'There is no pain you are receding A distant ship smoke on the horizon You are only coming through in waves Your lips move but I can't hear what you're saying When I was a child I had a fever My hands felt just like two balloons Now I've got that feeling once again I can't explain you would not understand This is not how I am...'

Have you become comfortably numb?