2 paths

The two paths are very close to one another, did you know? The alignments with truth or with what you are told to be the truth. All you need to check is whether your convictions come from love or fear? All wisdom is cleverly disguised in symbolism, in music, in the mysticism, things we can only comprehend from the non- linear, the fluid embrace and merging with what is. The opening doors, the recalibrating to a state of being whole and happy and healthy- listening to all your bodies before the balance is re-attained. In the visions it was the image that came from the language of the Soul. A vision of resting, trustingly, waiting for everything else to align and fall into place, and in the meantime just be in the joy of life, the way it can be when surrendering completely into life. The beautiful Waterfall there by those lush fields, beneath the pink mountains, the perfumed Air from all the flowers blooming, sustaining the flow of a life in complete Joy. I laugh at how patient this intelligence behind the web is. How often we are given the same answers, no judgement, no giving up on us, just the same. You can check a million times, and the moment will never have passed you by. You can always check in. But when you do, you can’t ever leave. This state is permanent. If you wish. We are changing everything lately. Can you feel it? Nothing is as it used to be. Don’t be scared. Just be ready. Come this way. We are here. Many changes. Into the unknown is always a little scary at first- that is because you are used to being in control. Now you don’t need to be anymore ever again. Here there is nothing but trust, nothing but love. The sweetness of life.