Everything and nothing

The momentum taken on, calmed.

Called back to rhythmically alignment with Her pulse and the Sacred breath of life.

A calibration instantly surges through the bodies. Here, at the bottom of 496 steps. Back. At the primordial Sea. The coast of far ago. The vibration is denser, but wilder and free.

Gravity and orbiting merges and collide with the movement, pulling towards and disintegrating. The rain merges with the salty air, the grey and the blue, the white chalk and the black rock.

Here I know myself. In the soothing seducing constant sound of waves upon pebbles. Retreating. Pause. Waves upon pebbles. Retreating. Pause. Kissing them. Blessing them. A constant cleansing. Taking back to Sea. Mutable Water-times.

Gifted with all the sacred treasures from a life from forever ago. Fossiled lives from this ancient Sea. Combined, creating materials. Gifts. Collaboration. So intelligent this Life on Earth. How we wield it, a different story.

For a moment. No thing exists. All is alive but ancient. It speaks clearer to me. From me. Apparition and clarity. The pace is different. I must not forget.

The momentum of thinking I am the wave, when I crash on the shores of forever, pulled back I become nothing. Everything. A drop in the Ocean.

Physical, made of Earth. Made of Stars. Made of everything that is here. I am it. It is me. For now. Fragile, but strong.

Everything, but nothing. Nothing, but everything.