It is safe there, once you return to your own Heart and your own Soul. Home. Happy. Aligned.

You tune out for once and find your inner mirrored and reciprocated in the outside world, the one cleverly and lovingly expressed in the day that is dawning, as if it trusts humanity by granting us another day to explore the absolute wonders of being alive.

Of breathing in morning dew, the magnetic surge to be felt of the early rays as solar rays hits the atmosphere and create those waves, merges with the ocean below hat causes her to deliver her salty scents up above the forest trees who intercept and ad their magical stuff to the experience that can only be fully had by entering by choice and intent this morning ceremony that takes place in the golden hour between night and day.

You feel it in the special way everything falls into place. Aligning with this frequency you feel home. You feel connected. The love that is meant for you finds you. Your soul expands and reaches out to call it in. It is a joint mission wanting to succeed. All you need is to know it is so. Then it is coming to you, if it is not there already.

There is joy to be had. Celebration to make. Happiness to know.

The Air is fixed for a little while longer, and then the season is already changing and wanting to teach you a lesson about returning to the primordial Sea. From learning to raise above and stand still in these stormy days, to swim in the waves of emotional tides, teaching you that by Water, there are gentler ways forward. By the time you have learned to appreciate the muscle memory of being held while using your strength to uphold your posture and moving ahead in the streams pulling at your body in this element, Fire will be returning to your life and your belly.

The alchemy of all these cycles and seasons, while the Moon waxes, culminates, then wanes and blackens, and the planets and stars dance around your life, sending their dusts and lights to fuel your Soul with knowledge, memory and wisdom, frequency and pulling at your Heart to do what is your part in this gigantic web of all things, is this- that feeling, that awareness, the conscious appreciation of the dawn.

A new day.

The exhilaration of grasping how wonderful this life is.

A notion of joy of what is to come. Deep adventures. Love to share. Wisdom to learn. A moment in between the transformations that continue to come merciless- or merciful- depending from which angle you observe them- at full speed- but in that moment you breathe in fully a moment’s peace.

For this moment. Joy. Faith. Feeling everything at its rightful place no matter what is going on in life.

This is how you meditate. This is how you retreat and fill up your well. Those moments. Where life is just absolutely perfect and happiness is all there is.