The New Life

It is the same message everywhere, calling and singing in the awareness.

Saying goodbye to the old world, allowing the new in. There is a giant shift in awareness. For now we are waiting. It’s this liminal sacred space, between not yet and can’t go back.

You too are being asked to do yours. Listen to what is assigned to you. This Fire is alchemy. Purification. Our world needs this now. For the big shifts. It may yet not be visible in the 3D world, but you will know the vibration within your other senses; those that translate the constant exchange and conversation between the impulses of this world and the frequency of the others. The foresight. The change of songs in the web around you. Looking in the mirror of becoming.

Let go now. You have no purpose in the old patterning and programming anymore. Don’t get lost in trying to fix from the levels of that consciousness. It will never let you go or set you free. The bleeding wound an illusion that keeps you fixed on wanting to heal it. It is beyond spiritual bypassing. It’s a sharper look from the eyes of the soul that has base in alternate realities. The quickened minds. Dismissing the old definitions of spiritual, knowing their roots are stuck in old scriptures written by old men, and bypassing is made up by those who do not understand how quick that quickening can be.

Calling in this shift in consciousness, I am not fueling my power, I am instead aligning to the Source expression I know runs through me. Moving closer, calibrating and quickening that vibration that unlearns the programming and demands of old world paradigms. In my dreams I say goodbye to my mother, my family who knows me to be one person. Deleting the memory. Much by deliberateness. The girl, the grown woman.

Dancing closer to the Fires of death and transition than ever before. It makes the blood that runs in my veins more alive and virile now unbound to the gravity pull by the Earth- Moon Cycle.

Unbound. Free of emotional cycles, un-Mothered and un-Mothering, all there is left is pure Woman. A woman not of this world but something else, something that needs to come forth now, so she can live in this world, dismissing everything else now.

Change is coming. Connected to the wisdom that follows the frequency, it enables a transcendence. The dreams are clearer at night, the steps taken here more appreciated, the life lived more fully. The end is not near, but the new life is.

The first gate opens now. The first initiation. It brings the Flame into this New world. This door opens now between the Winter and The Spring that is to come. The birth of Fire. What it will spark remains to be seen, so this time is for manifestation. For prayer. For shedding and undoing-work. Calling your Soul in. Being blessed and bathed and initiated in this sacred Flame.

The old is no more. The Flames provide the Purification. It is beyond transformation. Out of the ashes comes the diamonds. Make sure you claim yours.