Imbolc / Brigid's Fire

She is bleeding. Her wild dying.

The Fire that has risen ignited from the pain for being treated so utter carelessly, holding the spaces, offering her riches, blooming year after year in a cycle of constant forgiveness, of unconditional love.

The Man that just needs a place where he can do whatever he feels like to feel free. Who cares not for the cause of his actions. The connection to consequences. The amount of pain his needs for living life to please himself are causing. For seeking shelter away from responsibility. For not owning up to the work he signed up to do. To treat her better. To be a better man. To know what part he plays in all of this, being able to look at those raging all-consuming Fires out of control and instead of cursing the forces of rage, just acknowledge somewhere from deep knowing within how say:

I did this.

Step up and take his place beside her.

Show her and himself he knows where to put his energy. Where his soul so yearns to be. Out there in Her wild, being truly free, truly connected. Feeling deep within how he loves her cycles. Her Spring. Her Summers especially. Her deep red and orange Autumns that has her soil smelling so enticing from rotting fruits and leaves. And her Winters - with white crystals in the Air, kissing his nose.

He still doesn’t understand that the forces between are destructive, that death and dying are part of the cyclical.

So he seeks out the woman who has no between cycles and no demands, no expectations, she who holds no mirrors so that he will never have to realize, that those forces are within himself, while he is blind to the lie, he keeps telling himself, that this is freedom. Here he is free and doesn’t have to bother with destruction while waiting for the Spring and her flowers. He knows the essence of her being is cyclical. Forgiveness is the condition for cyclical life. Here he can sleep peacefully while the Fire is raging, while the Wild he loves so dearly is dying and he still has himself convinced he has no part in it. So he turns off the news and does nothing about it other than just let it be.

Deeper than grief is the aching. Placed beyond loneliness is the feeling within those women who walk this Earth misunderstood, while seeing beyond understanding. Holding the spaces of forgiveness. Facilitating cycles and keeping life eternal. Holding the foresight, the few steps ahead. The ears that hear, the eyes that see. Unknown to but a few, knowing themselves. Lonely is that walk.

Bitter becomes her steps for being unappreciated. Sought for council, yes. Her words are wise and her foresight sees the many possible roads and pathways to alignment to soul. But often enough that road entails claiming and calling back dark ego. Holding up a mirror for them to see themselves. No one wants to recognize the Kali in themselves. Everyone is afraid of their own ghosts, their own demons, their own destructive forces.

Lonely, misunderstood and shunned. Knowing well that part of her mission for being here, her faith in Man wavers while the projection and the blame falls on her. Ungratefulness and energy attacks. The blasting. Her disappointment grows. Her reason for being has no purpose. She has failed.

Her wild has lost so much life. Can she sustain this unbalance for much longer? Trying to heal from seeing He is shunning Her, blaming Her for Her raging Flames, forever unaware and unable to realize it was Himself who set Her on Fire and Her Heart breaks more and more every day for realizing He doesn’t care about Her wild. He wants the Woman with no demands, so He lets Her burn to the ground.

The Midway portal is opening. The one between the Winter Solstice and The Spring Equinox facilitating a powerful field of force. These days will be spent in prayer and manifestation work. While opening and receiving her work, she knows as is her Nature that she will find a way to forgive and keep her flowers blooming, hoping forever, that one day he will notice what being free and happy truly means and that to get there, work needs to be done.