Solstice Wisdom:

Communion in the silence.

All things meet. All gather.

The pull and the vibration strong. All colors flow. The singing in their rays as they find my tired and aching body.

Impressing me, caressing me. I see visions of the field out there where I once walked. Whether this lifetime or perhaps another. That land, those mounds, those hills with different trees are so homely. So familiar. So holding me. I see myself lying down. In surrender. In grounding. In prayer. In re-union. I can’t tell if I am actually healing Her or She me.

So much presence here.

They all gather. The Spirits and Helpers. The Angels walking beside us.

I ask. I know.

A vision forms.

A glimpse of a time coming. Being let in. To carry that knowing with me. To carry that vision. Unwavering. Truth. Unconditionally. As One who has seen the Future. And walks that way. Talking that way.

The Solstice vows deepen as the Gates open. This Darkness is a kind one. It cocoons you, holds you deep in that Space to let you see yourself. To hold your seed and make it fertile and ready to burst into full bloom.

It’s time now. All is aligning. All is singing. The bird before dawn. The Song of love and life weaving a thicker thread. A new time. A new dawn. The Summer coming.

But the Light that is coming is not a returning. It is a New Light. A stronger Light. That merges with you and pushes out the darkness, the shadows and the final hold the ego has in the unwillingness to change. You have already obliged. You have no say in this. You are already forgiven. In this light there is no shame or guilt. Nothing to amend or make right. Just let it in to your Heart.

This thread is already weaving.

Photo credit: 'Cork Oak Chakragasm' ~TreeGirl