Winter Solstice 2019

She came through the electric waves sparked in those early Uranus Moon nights awake. She invited and called. Little Blue flickers wrapped around the Male. Merging with his own. And the liquid intertwining.

She makes you come and walk a thousand million steps, uphill, downhill, off path into the forest, through the decaying leaves of many Summers, the sweet and sharp smell of life in the death in the forest floor and toward the Valley of the Moon. Through the Heart -2- Heart in the sacred grove and the circle of Rocks, she teaches how to surrender. And when your boots are worn and broken, She creeps in through the cracks and kisses your feet and reminds you you are born to be barefoot.

The countless Moons since are alive in the blood and the heat. Laden with Truth beyond the wisdom, Light beyond the spheres, and the primordial Black below the collective darkness created from the minds of the people in these worlds.

You are sung into this Creation. Invited and invoked.

She is there in the pages of the books hiding underneath the language we think we created to explain, around the same time we abandoned round structures for the square, when our minds became linear thinking, and we stopped asking for permission.

She is there in the Womb shaped temples serving to conserve the lights of the Heavens and make our lands charged with sweetness for giving us whatever we need, as long as we live in harmony, thus making us live forever and connect us to the Ancestors even in physical death. Our bones are the honor we give back to our lands while our souls are received by The Sky beings, the consciousness that comes in waves, sound and frequency from the space within facilitated by Earths crystalline treasure. In those spaces cleverly constructed, there is enough power to exchange Hearts in true Lovers and give them back when their tasks of trials are done.

This is why we still seek them out today, why we are still singing and gathering on the Portal days. Because we remember. We instinctively know.

Her call is clear and loud in these days. Solstice is upon us. The gates are open. The weaving of the forever and the new. And unraveling the old and seeing where the thread became weak. To release it and not hold on.

Released it can be called back. Undone. Singing back the Souls from that moment of horror. To make right. Bless and forgive. Release and let go. Come into Love. Remembering. Re-knowing. Re-acting from there.

And then the sowing of the New. Have you made your vows yet? Are you calling in and blessing?

From your unprotected state? The space in between where you are purified from the Fires having cleansed you? From the last Moon to this one culminating? Are you here? Ready to make manifest? And begin anew?

She is here more than ever making herself known in the Hearts and lives of all of us. No longer subtle and soft. Letting us know it is within this Darkness in this Winter, the short days -perhaps remembering to look to the stars in the Heavens for their light, perhaps by lighting candles, that we find the time to slow down, go inside, commune.

Here we are able to enter that space we find eerie, uncomfortable and scary. Yes, that one. The one you feel and makes you uncomfortable.

That little space behind the well-guarded doors in your Heart where your deepest pain is buried that keep screaming for being set free and healed. This space is what hinders you to be in love.

She wants you to know yourself. This is all She does. She is not scary. It is your own wound you fear. Will you tend to your wound and let it heal? It means visiting that space in your heart, see it, love yourself unconditionally, bathe in that love so you know you are never without it, never was, it was an illusion. Then forgive and let it go.

On behalf of the collective. Thank you.

Happy Solstice <3