Sometimes you want to go through that Wilderness. You feel it necessary. Welcome it. Ready. Knowing what it serves.

Asking the Mother to hold you. Trusting the darkness. Whatever needs to be shed and released has to undergo alchemy. That’s how precious that potential is. From bleeding pain through the Fire to the Diamond that shines with unconditional lOve. The ego that is called into the presence of gOd.

The withdrawing for a while, knowing it’s time to do the work. Sacred vows to always clear more clutter when possible. Lifting and carrying. Letting be. Soul communion. Like the waves, we know so well. The push then the pull. Cycles.

Into Acceptance. Trusting the time that is ripe.

The messages are still one and the same: Let go of the Warrior, step into alignment and unconditional love. Empty yourself of all that you have previously identified with. Allow that to fall away if that is no longer is true, allow yourself to undergo purification, these are Fire times. A time for miracles, stargates are open, consciousness crystalline, there is sacredness in the Air coming. Ready for grounding and New Steps.

New Journeys.

All you have to do is let go.