The Water isn’t running in The Sacred Well. It is too cold. I leave a white Shell I found at the beach this Summer. The questions are burning within me. But today there are more than questions.

Quest. Seeking council. There are Prayers. Blessings. And just carrying while Journeying. To have that heavy released and dissolved. Crushed. Any wrong condition. Divine Love is the greatest power in the Universe.

Aligning and calibrating. She receives my steps. My feet are kissed, held and carried in that same movement while stepping across the threshold to this place. Feeling that eternal pact between us as I carry the intentions, prayers and questions.

I watch the Sky carefully, I can hear Her shrieks, my ally in the Air, and there. A pair of them circle playfully above the place of Power, where I am going. I smile. The magic is instant. I have come at the right time. Relief and calm showers through my nervous body.

I look behind me. Up. Those dark clouds weren’t there before. The Weather tricky and fast changing these days.

The Forest seemingly quiet. Winter is upon it. And yet everywhere busy with life. Preparing. Otherworldly beings visible only to those other eyes. We respect each other’s presence. Here. Across the threshold. Everything becomes visible and known. If one asks. To see and be seen.

In the Circle of Rocks. The Lover’s Tree. Sacred Power caresses me. I do the ritual. I invoke. Gaia. Sacred Earth. The Wind comes. Instant. The White Lady waits for my question and my plea. She holds me and takes me in, as is her way, her medicine.

The healing is to let it all go. Become an empty vessel. Ready for the new. To be aware of the stored past there in my bodies. To know it and let it go. If I let go, no energy lives there within it. Then it is empty. Cleared out. Be present and curious. Like the child. Excited about what’s to come.

The hail comes. Sudden. Heavy. Thick. Wild. ‘Keep standing here’, she says. ‘Let it cleanse you.’

As I leave the forest the sky is back blue, and the afternoon Winter Sun hangs low on the horizon. The waxing Moon rises, and the vault reveals the vast glimpse of cosmos.

The ritual timely. I left offerings and gratitude.