Having said YES, expect to do the Work

We take big important steps, we shift immensely, we break patterns and rearrange heavies in the Heart, often without knowing that the quakes, rumbles and breakthroughs, shedding and cleansing, journeying through hot, dry and seemingly endless deserts, the numerous Heart breaks that lead you to your true Heart, the unbreakable One, often having forgotten all about the Prayers made, the love made, the promises and vows, all the questions we posed, the blessings and invocations we sent out or in, if you will, in those defining moments, like on that beach after the longest of strides, those ‘what came before’, the hot night and the eclipsing Moon being asked to SAY YES, or even as far back as the journey to Iceland and reconnecting with the sacred lands there, changing one forever, unable forever to not be there, the eternal Ice/Fire in one’s Soul, the whispers of black Rock, or the first entrance and breaking through the membrane of that White Womb, proving you were serious, being seen by the ancient Ones, the Blue eye scanning you, accepting you, initiating you, giving you back your own Heart, taking you to the vortex and letting you in on a secret or five, were actually the sum of all the action that lead to HERE, today. All the answers being given, the prayers fulfilled, the invocations granted and the manifestation? Well, look around ....! The Heart full of gratitude and awareness of how FAST it all goes and how we forget to truly enjoy and appreciate the ride. Those three years I began journeying through…? They are already halfway passed… ! So today, I will celebrate and really enjoy how far behind I am on studying the ultimate coolest stuff in the world ❤ I am so blessed with meeting the most passionate people, who want to share their articles, work and passion with me. I know exactly where I am going and the doors just keep opening.. <3 We sometimes forget the work we did to arrive here. So today, celebrate your Journeys, even if you are not there yet, know you are on your way to arriving to the path that is passionately yours, because at some point you sent out some blessings and prayers and they are manifesting for you. So be patient, still. Trust your journey. Keep loving it, keep seeing it, keep nourishing and watering it. Image credit: Rebecca Campbell (Get her Oracle deck!) I love this card, because I got that card on that eclipse full moon night and the next morning I learned I got accepted into college studying Archaeology and said YES, and because it has certain mountains in the background