Winter Forest

I enter the depth of the Winter Forest. Her pulse is everywhere, never slow, always alive. She reaches out, softly as always. She soothes the aches in my bones, in my lower back and the pain I have taken upon myself and carry everyday through a transitional time. She carries me and kisses my feet always. I am Her, and She is Me. I am met and carried. I was invited. Honoring the She-like Spirit, who is the Keeper of the Forest. It’s a daily pull and call as if to show me, that the old me, like the leaves of the Summer is decaying and letting go to go back to cyclical transformation is the only sane thing to do this time of year.

Who am I becoming?

They gather round me. The ancestors. Life around Portal times is always relevant and if you go questing, you will learn much.

These ancestors are not by blood, but by spirit, and the awareness of the kinship makes sense. Transformation, family karma lifted, a burden carried that made the body crack and fold under pressure, the arrow that was shot into the shoulder ended the life as a Warrior Woman, the thought form accepted; carried, embodied, portrayed, then released, shifted, forgiven...

Are you aware of yours?

Thunder is sacred, they say. That expanded moment that follows Lightning; the rupture of electricity in the Air, where Heat and Water and pressure create a sound. That moment is Sacred. It is part of a Mystery, some of us carry. It has purpose and there is a Story to tell.. soon. On the other side of the portal time. Allow for patience and walking through. All things to their time.

They remind us how impatient we are with letting things unfold. We want answers and we want them NOW.

There is NO QUICK FIX to healing if you cannot and will not be patient with yourself and commit to the journey!

These are the Elders of the elements of the Sacred Earth, Fire, Water and Air. Who knew the Vault and Cosmos were connected and kept an open invitation to go beyond by impressing us with symbols, embedded within our DNA that what we call archetypal language, the innate but forgotten ability to understand ancient codes and mathematical symphony. Music of the Cosmos. The foundations of existence. The ancient Ones.

The keepers of our Elements and why they are relevant for respecting Life on Earth. Now that our forests are burning, her lungs are deeply poisoned, her children are slowly becoming extinct, and we built glass and concrete cities over her Heart chakras to upload our egos into mental constructions, while we send satellites into that vault that used to connect us to the above and beyond, but now serve us faster waves that will disrupt our innate alignment, our intuition, allow us to transcend only into man-made empty universes without Soul, to be imprisoned there within mind without wisdom or alignment, concerned only with materialism and the culture of me, myself and I, me, me, me and me too. This way we will never know what we really know. We are being lulled back to a sleep that has no astral outlet, no Dreamscape.

But out here Fire is a purifying magic, alchemical, but potentially damaging and devouring, not just physically, but emotionally and mentally. Water is known as the Life that runs through us and can become stagnant and rotten, wild like the roaring waves but also will take you to the deepest Oceans, those Oceans that follow the Moon. Air is the change of Seasons, and responsible for Weather, Winds and Breathing in gOd and breathing out here, hearing, listening and talking and singing all things in and out of existence. That Earth is in our blood, our bodies and nourishes and sustains us. She is wildly cyclical but yet unchangeable and solid. She is the mystery, wild and un-trustable, destructive yet loving.

The ways of the Elements depend on our own interaction with them, how we engage, merge and journey with them.

Out here I find the answers to my own questions. Winter is Sacred for me. Parts of me are dying with the Year that ends. I am slowly but surely learning how to die, before the big Cross Over at some point in the future. We need to talk about Death more openly. Darkness too, but there’s another story coming.

I honor a Woman Who Used To Be A Girl, who was scared of the dark. I know her so well and I love her so much. She has journeyed so far and worked so hard. My Heart and Soul honors her. She is beautiful and strong. I know exactly how her life has been, I know and understand her many choices. I can let her go now into thi

s Portal to be completely transformed into the New life waiting. I am becoming something new. Someone I don’t really know yet.

I realize the Thunder in my Heart is Sacred. I feel connected to the Path that was always mine. This new chapter, this new beginning of a woman I am becoming.

The ancestors are with me, I have a journey speaking on their behalf, of voicing their intentions, their wisdom. The Moon has many functions still, I see.

But I go to the Winter forest, to let this pain and ache travel with me, and find the words to the story of Darkness coming. She always welcomes me.