She kisses my forehead and asks permission to merge, to light up my body and flicker that spark within my soul that knows who I am.

The music in my Heart sends a resonating beat towards the other constellations I have invoked in this moment of time. Needing them for this very purpose, knowing how brilliantly aligned it all is, seeing their purpose for taking human steps and still laughing within to myself heartedly at those who still don’t believe in magic, when all there is, is so obviously magically composed.

It comes from the golden experience in the Sun Blue time out from the day before, the call of the spirit totems circling above me at exactly that moment and following me home, and heeding the cycle and dance between Earth, Air and Fire, and indeed some deep Water and the year that is ending (or beginning however you decide to embrace time).

Inside in that sacred chamber I am shown how balanced everything is. From that state joy rebirths and is allowed to shine a brighter beam, un-wanting, un-needing, just being, just knowing that being is all there really is, and wanting and needing are but products of the human life that has conditions because of life itself, and the realization frees you instantly. All is well. And there are still passions and purposes to be journeyed with, but they are stronger and clearer because they are in alignment with the soul’s true design and DNA, as I awaken to the knowing that everything I am, I chose to be here for, my body, my place, my people, my kin, my path. I know fully, I am happening onto things and no thing is happening to me.

All of my stellar alignments are little portals to the Soul wisdom beyond and sometimes their Mistresses and Masters come knocking on the many doors to my awareness. They bring messages. Always moving on and dancing between them, this is star wisdom. Astro-logia.

We gather then in formations, circular ones, like on those Rock Circles out there in the Wilderness I feel so drawn to, and exchange.

The Moon and Venus make their dance with me today in the Year that is dying before the big rebirth. They take me to the places that I need the most: I am walking in those deserts where the Sun sings a celebrational hymn over the sacred sands and rocks, and at night the stars and the Moon ignite the vibration in the Hearts that practice certain ways.

I always come here when the Heart needs a break. To remember I know myself.

Happy Full Moon. Celebrate Venus. Your journey. The cycles. Howling is optional.

And … I can teach you about your star-messages if you want to understand this dance of life.