Did you notice, that your structure has become loose, softer and you are more prone to follow your Heart? Did you notice the slight change in your words? The openness in your embrace of allowing and letting be?

That consciousness embedded deep within your Soul is no longer a mystery you walked, climbed, grew and journeyed towards, like a pilgrimage to walk you to that certain kind of exhaustion that made you realize, that light stays with you even through your darkest night, and understood how easily the heavy will be lifted once you allowed it safe passage through you, learned to discern the truth from the untruth.

Learned that god dwells within as well as without, and you came to know and experience that presence is everywhere.

And now that consciousness is strong, forceful and open to and in you, now you stretched towards that knowing and merged with it.

Through the patience, perseverance, passion and promise that you kept to through all those years, you arrived finally at a conscious state of being and awareness, that shines in you now with a light so bright it lights up all the Universes in all the cosmos.

You are known and you know yourself which is in essence one and the same.

When you rid yourself from identifying with those old stories you tell about yourself and get up and move about, dance even, see that you don’t need to cloak yourself in any kind of clothes to show to the world who you are or are not, cloaks, white hoods, orange sheets or purple hazes, that rainbow is within and shines everywhere you go, whether gay or just happy, super sensual but acclaimed sexless, aligned with the stars or serious scientist, whether you know this or not.. you are god. Creation. Creativity stretching and expanding still. You are Soul made manifest on this plane of existence.

Your Soul’s only DNA is LOVE.

In case you forgot or unremembered to align with this knowing.