Samhain Night Ritual

Are you ready to go into that forest? Claim the darkness? Unafraid? See the shape there running between the almost naked trees. The spirit of winter. Coming to embrace you. Coming to claim your afternoon and your evening. Asking you to release your grip on the day and come into knowing that the year is late. There is Peace to be felt. Calm to be had. Rest. Healing.

And if you come, stillness will be given. In that stillness a song forms and places clarity and foresight within that body of yours that have ears to hear. A mind that will understand. Unfiltered.

Because the Night strips you from pride and false courage. You are raw. Open. Here you make vows. You feel obliged to take upon. To carry. To work. To heal. To replace all with love. To move from fear to love. And to learn all the lessons this Darkness has to give. But you learn that the access to the questing the Winter lands is this:

Sometimes doing the Work is to know when to stop doing and let it be. To wait. To patiently allow for the rest of the web to calibrate, reciprocate and grow strong. You cannot breathe for others. You cannot keep paving their ways. Let go. Move into your own night and sleep. It is needed. She will hold you. There’s a wake made for you. You are safe. Connect to your power places. Go there for council.

I am welcomed and embraced once I’m there. No candles or Fires needed. Just Darkness. The sacredness of this particular night holds me. Holds my fear back. Wipes it away like the tears from my cheek. And once my emotions are washed away, I am as empty as a Cup, ready to be filled with insight and wisdom. I crossed the invisible threshold within. From here on magic can occur. So I listen. I wait. Quiet. Empty. Unwanting. Unexpecting.

This lesson is Peace and Quiet. Calmer days. Calmer life. To make room for you and acknowledge the amount of work done. To give space for you. To rest and rebalance. To be wombed and cocooned. To learn to give yourself time. To be good to you. The more love you can let grow in your Heart the bigger it will get. Remember a candle casts no shadow in the wall.

This soil you walk on carries you. The blessings you give will make the way forward ready and fertile. The darker the better. Watch for what Flowers come in Spring. You will dream of them because they will already want to connect with you. You belong together in the Year that is to come.

To allow that kind of in Darkness in your life is Light Work.

To know Death and Dying and being Reborn through all of your Life without clinging to the old life.

The Spirit of Night, her calm and life is replaced by a pink dawn, that climbs up from under the horizon and spreads her somewhat warmer, though ice cold embrace over the Sea I sit by, having been waiting for it, walking out of the dark womb of my Forest. I have reconciled with the Ones who came before me, my Ancestors, but not all of blood and bones. The ethereal Ones, the tall Ones, the littler Ones. There are many once you dare open your eyes in the darkness and see who they are.

The Winter is here. I feel it everywhere. I will honor the Darkness.