Aries Full Moon Celebration

Connect connect connect.. It’s the early call of the wild outside my window in the quiet of the forest. The buzzard knows my address. She flies by every day calling me out. Extending the invitation.

It’s a cooperation formed a long time ago. We made a pact in those early days. She sat on my shoulder long before I knew I would walk this way. It was by accident someone told me about her in a completely different context. But such are the smallest clues, always connected to something far greater, that unfolds within your mystery journey, you only have the wits to see in full, when you think you have arrived at somewhere, pausing for a moment to look back and try and make some sense of it all. You are quicker to link the dots these days even though you know this too is interlinked and still being spun in the weave of the web.

That mad idea screaming in your head over dinner in that AHA- moment of clarity, that shaped words in your mouth that fell from the tip of your tongue- something felt different than the usual hyperactive spontaneity, those hot air ideas that tend to shift or morph into something entirely different and often enough dissolve as quickly as they arrive, the art of discerning when to act or when to keep dreaming and let it go. ...Perhaps on to stability and structure. Manifesting the idea and setting it forth- as this formed a promise soon after voicing it, you knew it would lead you to walking your talk- creating a path to carry your foot, a journey that could only be made like that- into the unknown.

The guidance from somewhere inside where I learned very early to create a chamber to enter into. And listen. Where I learned there was a space within that was quiet. Where truth was shared. Where knowing made sure I had the wits or the sense to get up and leave, work, heal, shed, learn to love again, walk away, walk into, keep trying. Move to foreign countries instead of going to school. Learn about alternate states of consciousness. Stars. Energy. Frequency and Sound. Healing. Thank GOD for knowing how to enter into that sacred chamber inside my Heart.

At every place I stood in the world, I connected with that place. Activated. Understood that certain places are actually a state of consciousness awareness. A sentiment that lingers in you. And fills you up with love and awe and wonder. Soul juice. Joy. God, if you will. A way the Sun will fall on lime rocks. In the old city and in that desert. The caves. The salt on your skin lets you know you are the salt of the Earth. Initiation. Anointment.

Remembering, honoring, that the journey is still ongoing. Remembering you’re a true child of Nature, The true Mother whose conditions and laws we broke when we set ourselves before Her. When we stepped out of the co-existing, the ancient ways of honoring and respecting, taking no more than what we needed, being able to feel WHAT we needed, when thirst and hunger was instantly satisfied because we lived in harmony and trusted we would never go hungry for longer than we could, and if we did, dying was the most natural thing. We never kept anything for later, just in case, because the ‘in case’ was never relevant. Our senses unspoiled, undisturbed, still attuned to Her, to the Spirit of life and beyond.

There is still room and time to change again. To reset the balance into our own Hearts and Souls and live accordingly. Reconnect.

The call of the Wild this morning reminds me not only to get out there and attune my vibration and ground some of the intensity moving through me lately.. but also to be honoring our conjoined journey. That I can be it all and not have to separate anything. To keep knowing who I am, and what is within. The Sun on limestone, the feel and knowing of that desert. The songs still in my Heart. The wisdom of white Quartz. The crawling on mountainsides. Through initiations caves. To shedding the old and being birthed into the new. The dark shadow work and how horrifying it was, and just how dark dark can be until the light shines through. Of being not only Human, but forceful Woman too, with all it entails and wants.

They are all here. The spirits of those realms, places and days, and they are all shaping and dancing and living through me. Their presence always seem to be stronger in these portal days. There is a quickening of presence. The many colors that have no waves in this realm, have them in the others. And they are beautiful. So amazingly beautiful.

Tonight we celebrate this crossing. Tonight we drum, we sing, we howl. (Poor neighbors!) We give thanks to the outcome of this Journeying together. Knowing we still have miles to go before we sleep.