Moon Journeys

The house is filled with voices and echoes and ghosts from a past, I remember.

Her journey of risings and settings, passing through, visiting, colliding make her journey look like a snake that moves across the heavens. I think about where symbolism comes from. Perhaps this one was from observing the luminaries in the Heavens, night after night, being curious, struck with awe and wonder. Passion and fixation. Enchantment. Intuitively knowing she would show up at certain places, just when you would need to know what time it was. I wonder if you would record that somewhere. Somewhere sacred. In her honor.

Lunacy, we Moon people call it. But in the very original sense. Feeling called upon by the Moon.

Her short visit touches the Heart of the matter and the New Moon message lights up in the House of Out There-ness. The day that follows these kind of New Moons bring about other Airs of recognizable patterns. The ache in the Heart for lost times, the distance between a and (where they’d) b, the long lost sentiments and passions, shared days and cozy things we take for granted and forget to remember to cherish them, and know that was love, actually, only years later, when we look back.

This life goes by so fast.

The knowing that time is non existent, but though it does exist, no one is ever gone from you. The room full of faces and voices. The love thick and the tears that well in Heart that bears their love, that still cannot fathom the gap between the worlds when they are clearly here, fall and release some of the longing. That is the lot of a Seer staring through the veil, who is also conscious of the constellations.

It is this knowing that makes the ego busy, wanting and craving the outmost of life. Being cautious with it, deciding how to make the most and best of it but the Heart knows, the heart aches and yearns for being free and incautious, unaware, free and unbound by time or limits. Fleeting like a butterfly having accepted in full its life conditions.

We have all the time in the world, but we don’t, but we know the way and what to choose once we shake the ego, let go, and let in, live a little, trusting what we know.

I read the book on the train thinking why on Earth I chose this. The voices come through. ‘If you won’t voice this for us, no one ever will.’ The Heart knows.

I invoked the heavies upon the New Moon. The morning sees initiations of all that. She journeys on and through.

I asked the right things it seems.