New Moon Libra 2019

She visits me in these days. The She that is represented in all things living. The feminine principle of softness. Life giving. Mother. In a long ancestral line of a She who remembers, She is also the one who tells the stories. Pass them on. The magic of the ages. She wants us to know again. The simple secrets. The web of life. The design. The pattern. Weaving. A handcrafted projection of the wisdom inside.

She comes with messages. To let me know she is here and promises me, certain memories will be eased but cannot be erased. The blue lights that have been flickering lately. She is here, she is never gone. The pact we made, Sister, Daughter, Mother is still weaving; the veil thin in these misty Autumn waning days and the Universes merges and realities is multiple. Somewhere to enter and leave upon will.

The Worlds merge and I am not sure, always, in which we move and dance. They touch and intertwine, the deja vus, the foresights and the things that never materialize. Stretching the awareness, you know they interplay, and you find yourself happy in the other live you live simultaneously. The endless judgments of right and wrong, good or bad cease, you transcend the loop between duality, polarity is the principle you obey whilst here, still you know life is plenty, you know love is your core, the waves go up and down, you crash on the shore, just to be pulled back out.

Whoever still has karmic dept to pay to each other wait to be released, one kindness to the other, while they yearn for their true missions. The ones waiting to step onto their soul journeys together. We all wait and care for each other and some have to step before the others to shine a light on the path for the big move.

So many changes, so many shifts. Don’t be discouraged. Breathe and be. It’s all coming.

Shift your awareness, now. Look into that. Let the old thoughts that keep you prisoned go now. Fear of your own emotions is just fear. You cannot complete until you enter. However long you stay and get stuck is optional. Just be aware of it. You can but shift your awareness. Decide to know love within. And not go without. Think about it. When you dare to; feel it instead. Know it. Remember there are certain events you decided to be here for. Certain people. Certain experiences. Honor those. Celebrate them.

The portals are open and the blessing of it in the smaller cycles, however contradictory is still happening. It ads luster to a shiny new beginning coming far later. The verses are still being sung upon this creation. Ending and beginning at the same time.

We cross the threshold into a dark time coming. The night sky becoming full of winter stars and gateways to guide your eyes up and out. The Heart stays grounded. She knows her way through the dark. She remembers and knows the joy. That the ever youthful, playful and timeless soul doesn't need eyes to see the Light.