We find the sacred place in the Forest just as the Sun begins to set. The final day of Summer sends luminary beams through the branches. Still green and lush they create a colorful carpet for the ripe red berries, the already decaying apples, and the amazing spider webs, that so glitters in the late afternoon, hanging low between the trees, the fat Spiders reminding us how everything is interwoven, how all connects and spins a new thread that connects them all. Past, present, future. And beyond.

The Forest Deva walks right here with us, her presence known to those who ask her permission and seek her council and company. She will then direct you to your place of power out here in the wilderness, the space between, a designated grove, an old Tree perhaps, a valley of beauty, a clearing or just a place where the soil smells a little sweeter from having been blessed by dancing feet of deer or elves in the mist.

The veil is thinning in these portal days. The axis and the energetics streaming through open a space within and without that makes communion and vision easier accessed. The messages and the exchange profound should you have the sense to look, ask, listen.

The way the awareness comes about is gift wrapped in certain celestial archetypal patterns, just to be sure the turn of the year sees us off with a reminder, that everything comes round again, slightly tilted or moved further on and thus with the potential to be embodied with fresh energetics, perhaps heavier constellations now we know how strong we are, freer minds, the newly full open hearts or however we cleverly designed it to fall and come about.

If you spot the disguises you will escape the mind games and dive straight into the Heart of the matter- and they will serve as clues to where you still need to work, and thus you can direct your Equinox prayers of intention towards these. Remember there are cycles within cycles and today smaller and more personal ones are gate keepers for unlocking the bigger picture.

Perhaps this is why we need sacred places, safe sites, to help us ground and remember to commune with our inner selves, our ancestral consciousness, the elders or the consciousness that helped create this very thing with us in the first place. To remember certain things. Like the fact that Spring will come again. That a small eclipse within the personal chart comes not as a warning, but a reminder of things already moved through and shall pass again having removed certain road blocks perhaps from a parallel life or for the collective too. That now the seasonal Darkness that follows days in the Sun will take back the embers of the final rays of everything we made and created this Spring and Summer into the Heart of new Creation, the new seed for the coming Light, the stillness and consider, contemplate and reflect. In the withdrawal of energy, we get to be still and connect to Her Heart and consciousness as well.

Breathe out. Now.

She lets us in her Circle of Trees in The Moon Valley. There’s an alignment of Rocks. The Lover’s Tree grew in the middle of the highest point of the mound long after it was made. Who knows who really dwells here?

The White Lady of the Tree to the East of the Circles of Trees does, for sure.

She calls me back out there. She reminds me, that this is where my place of power is. And to reflect upon the simplicity in what that means.

I light the candles in my Circle at home. I sing in the Equinox portal. This morning I woke from a dream about upcoming visible constellations in the night sky. I can’t wait to see them again. Stargazing.