Post Full Moon Message

Post Full Moon message...

They join me. As always when allowing the Heart to fully break wide open, the Angels gather near to catch your ears. Cosmic law. When accepting the wound as something that needs healing, awareness follow that you were never broken or beat in the first place, you had just believed the untruth about yourself.

As you change your vision from broken to whole, the wound heals instantly and the love shines through from that abundant place where you are all and nothing at the same time, and duality, polarity, lack and doubt fall away.

Not an easily obtained awareness, but once you shift your perception over time and experience you find the shifts more liquid and fluent as you become more flexible to this dance of dismissing truths as absolutes and merge instead with that that is always moving, always changing, morphing, becoming. What you knew yesterday has changed into the cleverness of questioning it the next.

They join me. Making sure I know I am on the right path. That I got lost in the idea that this was really ever about me. To steer clear of that which insults our soul. That it was guided. That it is the work of many. That is has many layers and many futures. To keep walking with the open Heart and clarity. To not be discouraged but curious. To turn the questions into energy that opens into the tiniest rooms. The narrowest passages.

A sense of knowing. Of seeing through. And trusting that knowing. As having been initiated over and over again. And trusting that it was for something. That wherever that knowing comes from it is beyond the need for recognition or proof, whether you believe in it or not, it is there and cannot be dismissed. By anyone. It IS. If you didn’t really believe in it, you could not and would not be here, simply because you at some point in your eternal life decided for yourself to direct your awareness as having the experience of being HERE, in this space time.

Who suffers the separation wound? Is that you? The hurting is obvious and omnipresent. She is crying with us, burning where we could be breathing freely, the confusion, the fear. The aching for wholeness. For feeling comforted and safe. Cocooned. Wombed. Connected. The longing for returning to the sanctuaries where we are in tune with the ones who walked here before us. Why is that sacred? Well, ask yourself.

All it takes is a shift of perception. Of accepting you were never without. Always within.

The shift of paradigms. Can you accept that you were never here to obtain a certain career, a certain way of life as quickly as possible and then day in day out this is what you stick to for the rest of your life? That you move and dance and shift- and your sole purpose is to daily keep asking of life: What do you want from me? How can I be of service? But the real balance then lies in to not only listen to the answer, but to also oblige. See where that takes you. But to master the act of really listening, you need to be able to really trust, and to also really ask. Because what if you asked, and trusted the answer and it took you far away from what you had designed for yourself, but then it led you to something far greater than you ever thought? What then?

Because whoever designed the recipe of life for you? Who told you that this was the best thing? And did you ever ask again? Or were you told to not ask such stupid questions, surely this is the best way the world works. You stick to the recipe of life.

They join me as I ask, what I can do. What life really wants from me.