Full Moon September 2019

Perhaps it is in the oppositions you understand how to observe and see and discern for yourself who you truly are. From everything that does not resonate with you. From everything that makes you question and feel. In the rooms where you are not allowed to really think for yourself, but really only adapt an attitude based on what is emphasized as being the right way of seeing the one or the other although presented, coated in, disguised as open minded.

Mind is the operative word. What is your mind? Is it your Soul? Is it your heart? Are they linked or separate? How can we discuss things from the mind only, if not the heart and soul is involved? The experience must be felt, gone through, things that make your heart beat, your temperature rise or fall, the one pulsation through that triggers the neurons in your brain… How is all that neglected?

I know there is a Full Moon awareness culminating in me born from a cyclical vortex constantly going on, how are we ever separate from anything we are within? How can we ever be without? How did we ever think (mind is the operative word!) we could cause separation? How did we ever think we could invent or explain time? So arrogant, so naive, so irrelevant.

How are we not full of Earth and Star material, full of Air and wind, -I cannot say that the Oceans do not roar and rage through my blood or belly or that the Rain and Rivers are not mirrored in other sensations, I feel the Fires burn beneath the joy that rushes through my ecstatic anticipation of waking upon every day and the compatibility and affinity with certain events I tend to happen to, that very same Fire has the potentiality to purify or burn away, I know myself in every scent of soil I smell- especially after the Rain or the sweetness in the shifting seasons- She has a way of change about Her that particular tickles my nostrils and I know time like that. All of these again have the ability to mix and merge and create other symphonic cadences and experiences that I breathe and live through.

Experience. Sensations. Inside looking out. Journeying.

Through those thousands of symphonies, we are. Aware or unaware of the many otherworlds.

She culminates right there. As always, a messenger. I see the Sun shine, I see the night fall to make me aware where my own true vision lies. To discern the true from the untrue in what I am taught. Ironically, to be critical. But only within certain dualities. Not these. No looking beyond. And I know in my Heart, in my body, soul and mind, that I cannot be limited to that.

Knowing the realms are unlimited. Knowing something else.

But to keep walking knowing this, keeping a light on and holding that space open.. This is how I know who I truly am.