Blue bells

They come, uninvited, back to the dreams. The dreams are portal reminders, but sleep has become a rare visitor, and without them, the out of body cannot take place. This one is precious.

They come now ringing their bells. They are coming to remind us that the storytellers are letting them down. That the writers have stopped writing their tales. They remind us that we cannot be impressed if we don’t get out there more often and that we are too busy inside our minds, trying to figure out. Trying to think it. Trying to decipher. We are forgetting to live and be.

We are forgetting how it feels. How to be alive through the sensations of letting all that rush through our bodies, that does not try to figure out how it must feel but allow ourselves the experience and become then the wiser. From knowing it. Reconnecting with it. And from there being impressed. From standing there activated letting all things that doesn’t make sense make itself known through us. No one can teach you. It is not in any book. You cannot measure it, you cannot count it, you cannot reproduce it, it is an experience designed to make you wonder whether this really happened or not, to make you believe in the magic of wonders, to let you know you are silly for not knowing these otherworldly realms.

They ring the bells now. If you can hear them, you are extraordinary sensory gifted. The attunement to these realms comes natural to you. Most likely you too are sensitive to any other vibrational frequency too. You cannot explain when you know things, like when people lie to you, or are hurting, when things are coming, why the worlds intertwine and merge and things and beings can walk in and out of them, your mind is wired larger, you do not accept logical explanations and rationality seems lacking when you experience and see the worlds as something far bigger than what our human brains can measure and produce.

Don’t despair of the world is not ready to accept and acknowledge you, you are here to be a guide, a way shower. To push and challenge the accepted. To teach humility, change and far more importantly- to remind people to reconnect to their Hearts.

To show them it is not so bad to stand up for what they know in their Hearts to be their truth. That truth is something we all look upon differently. And that the World has so many more colors and if you see one, that hasn’t been decided yet exists, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t there or you are crazy, it just means that people are yet blind to what you see.

They come now back into our dreams. Believe in them. They believe in you. Follow them back out there to the fields where you know you are yearning to be. They are not here to lead you astray, although they are, but that’s the great mystery. They have great things to remind you, that you know. Things you have been let to believe are unimportant. It is not. Quite the contrary

. It is urgent.

Follow.. follow.. follow…