A New Moon Prayer

She walks softly, barefoot, into the room, into the Circle of light and rock

laid out. This Circle, handmade by the sacred masculine, who had a vision and started crafting. Making manifest. Creating. Seeing the Woman clearly.

Combined and merged, where their joint aspirations and forces fall, She enters in all Her creativity, in all her millions ways of sustaining and nurturing and lights a candle, setting the stage and altar on which she will propose her blessing.

But first she wants something back. Not a give- take-exchange, though it is a balance she craves. That is the essential reason for aligning, for merging, and for a long time the youngsters were oblivious to this ancient task, they had shaken hands on they would take upon them. Now they are grown, they are ready, their alignments are in place.

She knows they chose to come, into this now, into this portal of space time to remember. The activation of that will ricochet and make little ripples, small perhaps, but not insignificant. Enough to be felt, enough to be noticed, seen and changing their environment. She knows that they are ready.

She comes now into their awareness, into consciousness, whispering words of wisdom. She walks out of the archetypal image that though easily perceived was deeply misunderstood for centuries, she comes now on full fire, to let them know she was never anything else but our Mother, our nurturer, our deliverer. She comes now, as their wits have grown sharper, the quickening having happened, the frequency more intense and thus louder and clearer.

They are ready for Her second coming.

She comes into this Circle, into the Heart of the Woman who is humbly asking to be let to love and be loved, to know unconditional love once again, to be let out of the final barriers that are keeping her trapped in her ego, her childish needs and bodily wants. To transcend now into a full flowering being of light and of love, of foresight, wisdom and being the true keeper of her Partner’s Heart.

On behalf of them she asks to snuggle closer yet again to the presence, to the NOW, to the purity of the union.

She prays for Earth. She prays for humanity.

The words become a spell for building energy in the room, a field before her of exchange of communication, a conversation. The silence suddenly reciprocates and places words in her mind.

Loud and clear words. She repeats them over and over again until they form a sentence, unmistakably and sharp:

Mother Mary, rebirth within us all Christ consciousness. Amen.