Balsamic Moon

The prayers and the calls lately for the magic that works along and aligning with the rare visits. Stellar companions in the personal arena. Not the far out ones- the raw, physical, day to day, wanting you to know you are loved and held, so much in fact that you can honor someone else’s worth too, it’s the balance within and without, to be keeping the Heart open and free of the egoic excuses not to.

The true compassion, the true wisdom to see through and to know how easy it is once you let go of all attachment to specific outcome and just trust your ears, when they hear words of anything less than an energetic vibration that awakens the love flowing in you. If all you hear is hurt, if all you hear is accusation, if all you hear is personal agenda, if all you hear is people trying to limit or oppose you, perhaps they are mirroring something in you that needs YOUR attention first and foremost?

The visits and the alignments are rare these days. We need to trust and let go. We need to move on. We need to walk on with love in our hearts. We need to remember and honor the light in everyone. No one is the competition. No one is less or more than you. Everyone walks their journey just as you do yours. Be kind. Be curious. If people are horrible, they have a reason for that. Turn the other cheek. Come back to your own everlasting eternal love affair with yourself and the place inside that lacks nothing but has everything. You are always alone, that is universal law, but you are never alone, that is cosmic principle. Once you know yourself love is forever.

We believe in the good things coming, though the world is on Fire and angry men still rule the world. We know that all will be forgiven, the Earth Mothers are many and the balance is coming. If everyone would start by loving and forgiving themselves and not crave what they can’t give themselves from anyone else. A clever teacher said: What you miss and want the most is what you yourself fail to and still need to give. It’s very simple.

There is always a cycle going. Whether you are aware of it or not. Some small ones lead to the far bigger ones. From the culmination of a Fixed Air Moon, to the balsamic Mutable Earth One. This time of shedding. Knowing the themes and where it falls for you is always key. And you have work to do. If you can’t look in the mirror and say with an open honest Heart ‘I love you, I am love eternal, I am a child of light, the darkness has no power over me’, then you have work to do.

I cannot stress this enough in these times… If you find yourself there looking and not feeling the love, reach out to energy workers, the healers, the storytellers, the astrologers, the clairvoyant, the seers, the anyone-who-works-on-your-frequency-and-your-heart… ! If it is a head worker, you are merely trying to create yet another mental construction for yourself. See if it truly works- if not, come back to those energy workers.

The world needs YOU to be LOVE.

A clever Woman recently reminded me to say…’This… I have created..’ Can you be responsible for your patterns? Not BLAMING yourself, but just being responsible? Then you can call it back and change. But you have to own it, you have to know and see it. ‘I created this! This is mine.’

So ask yourself in these few days before the New Moon.. What are you ready to shed? What themes have come up for you, that YOU know are your patterns mirrored in the world around you?

The Balsamic Moon photo is from this morning. From my window as I pulled up my blinds...