New Moon Prayer

Awake at dawn as the energetic surge rushes through and wants to be known, consciously, remembered. The Moon that turns into her Dark phase, leaves a space open for work undisturbed. Pure magic. Operative word, pure.

Solar flares electrify this force that comes through. Lights up the inner space and tickles all neurons. Alert. Quickened they too open into those bigger rooms and passage is granted, so enter and explore. Arousal follows awe and insight. For an hour or so in human time, the of late intense rise of heat in the body is replaced by purified arousal from all this alignment coursing through all the bodies. A teaching of rising energy through different outlets. The conscious outlet.

They are coming with big messages from heavy giants. One in particular. A common collective. Spotting a pattern.

Something to work with. The sleepy Prayer, the words that come into mind almost automatically, as if they have been uttered always, or are impressed from somewhere else, wanting to be spoken, wanting to come forth to find a voice to have resonance and vibration in this world.

It is the human visitors of late that all carry a gift and a wound as if they are each other’s keys and make you wonder whether the polarities and conditions of emotional states of this realm are deeply misunderstood.

This one pulls at the embodied experience and sentiment of walking alone. The clear, distinct difference between loneliness and being alone, company and intimacy. Togetherness, solitude and the feeling that true friends are so incredibly few and rare in this world.

Walking predominantly alone.

Having released. A space opens op for clarity. Asking. Awareness. Manifesting consciously, cooperatively.

The gratitude felt from the precious and rare moments when it collides and touches the soul of love. From finding tribe. From the sense of belonging and touching ground once in a while. Once in a while. Though. From embracing that one moment of utter loneliness to having the most fun on your own, needing absolute independence and giving off a ‘leave me alone’ vibe.

The oppositions pulling and stretching all make for emphasis- soon they will have folded and withdrawn and thus are waves that rise, take on momentum and claim to drag forth the entire Ocean, only to crash at the shore and return dissolved into Nothing to the masses of Everything.

It is healthy to once in a while question your foundation, your relationships, the love in your Heart, the sadness you feel, the reality of your loneliness, the burdens you claim you carry..

Noticing the contradiction.

But you have to ask of course. And take the time to venture into your Heart and know the real answer.

Portal time is optional.

Happy New Moon.

Image credit: Sara Shakeel