True Union work

Fear of relationship

There is a separation wound within all of us. It comes from ancient times, origin, the first outbreath and expansion in a long time after the big rest after the last inbreath. The calling all Souls in. Back. Within gOd.

Most of us don’t remember or are aware of it. There was a split from the original mother-state. A place of complete wholeness. Oneness. Perfect unity. A light cocooned us. We were all-one. Now we’re alone.

The wounds inflicted are all being brought back to life in these times. I have heard the call from the collective. The elders. The ancestors. The ones coming forth and wanting to be known and heard. The ones who are still watching and have never left. Making sure we are not alone. Coming through every time there is a portal opening. A knock on that door. Seeking reunion. Comfort. From those souls who know fine well, something was left undone. A locked energy. Vibrating still with all the trauma of all the horror of the walking alone. Holding and binding. Drawing in still the same. Looping. I was asked to deliver. I was asked to midwife, to release and deliver; birth a New age. I am not alone. Look around. There is one on every corner of your search, waiting to take your hand and guide you home. To you.

You are the One if you are denying union. You are the One who maintain the sorrow and grief by accepting relationships that does not honor your soul’s journey. You are the One if you are in love with pain instead of joy. You are the One in denial of an ancient separation wound. You are the One if you do not honor your Mother and have forgiven and released. If there is anger and resentment. If there is blame and identifying with guilt, being a victim or anything else that keeps you locked in thinking, believing, repeating to yourself it is something that happened TO you. If you still think you cannot change.

If you still think and believe you need anything from anyone to live and be happy, you have given away your power and you will never be free, happy or understand true joy. You will always be dependent on others for the state of your wellbeing. You are not free.

Fear of the soul union is a mirror of the state within yourself.

Tantra is more than transcending sexual pleasure. Sacred union and holding each other in the Heart which means companionship in alignment and flow with each other at and on all levels in complete trust, without wanting is journeying together towards more than horny release of the body. You do not bind another in your sexual forces, but you accidentally do until you are truly aware of where you are coming from. And that means consciously addressing YOUR separation wound. It means working through your ancestral legacy to see where your part of the agreement to WORK still is lacking your full attention.

Where is the pain in your heart? Where does your inner child scream for attention? If you are angry.. there’s a great place to start looking. There are deeper levels of intimacy. They transcend the projection of feeling safe and expecting the significant other to supply it. The fear of union, the denial to be in one, the self-overpowered self talk to maintain ‘I am here to walk alone, and I can get by just myself, I don’t need anybody’ may be very true for some. Their journey here is to walk alone. We are not all here to be or engage in union. But there is also those who use that line as a shield because they are terrified of the old wounds surfacing, then the time and energy they have to put into working their asses out of it, because their ego has them fixed on doing another journey that aligns well with the expectations our society demands and dictates and promotes a ‘good life’ consists of.

Which One are you, reading these words?

If you are not here to walk in Union with another human, then are you aligned within yourself? Have you balanced the masculine and the feminine within you? Are you praying from the Sacred Chamber in your Heart where your soul’s mission dwells, yearning to be unlocked and begun?

Know there is help to ask for. Know there is all the wisdom coming through to you wanting to be shared. You can be held, released from the old and rebirthed. Our ancestors are reaching through now. They want us to be free. They want to move on to whatever journey they need to move onto on the other side. They want all of you who are truly ready, to step into what your true soul’s mission is really about. To be free now. To let go now. To live life in joy now. To know yourself. And to help cause a chain reaction of change of vibration on this planet where the cry of humanity is not one of pain and self pity and feeling cheated and depressed and unhappy with life and make it instead a Song of Joy from the One soul.

Which one are you?

Image: The beautiful 'Work your Light Oracle Cards', by Rebecca Campbell