New Moon Fixed Fire

She walks out of the invocation and rattling in. The initiation and the calling in. Greeting the directions, honoring the ancestors, saluting Gaia, aligning my pulse with hers, feeling the forceful rawness in my legs as they carry me, locking the energetic line as step meets ground.

Calling in the magic of Dawn. Knowing well my first company. The First and the Last. Knowing what light then shines forth, then the Moon where I can see her, observe her, adjust accordingly, knowing my own waning and waxing-time.

No longer fearing the dark Nights, but consciously, deliberately staying awake through them as they bring about deeper conversation, images and lucid dreams, and the wandering between the realms and the worlds on those nights particularly when Stars are visible, constellation and close planetary alignments and movements make those rare portals, is made easier from a curiosity to explore.

Night time. He is always there, the Gate keeper that always enter right after Sunset, making sure I know where I am, that I don’t wander too far off losing myself in that Sunset. Making sure we do our work. Between the inbreath and the outbreath. These times alignment bring forth a sharp and elegant, precise timely reflection of emotional phasing. Again. Lately, it’s all I ever do. A friend after all these years of not understanding the opportunity for growth and not seeing him as something outside of me, but something within. Take hold and be its master-ess. Why everyone fears him is beyond me.

A conscious Journey through the Below to the Above. Unfolding levels and layers from constant new perspectives make the journey a vortex of flow and growth. For as long as it has purpose, I guess. How we finish things is the great mystery. I have seen the bridge, but not yet.

She jumps out from the intention setting. The finishing of this Prayer. The setting of the energy. Building a safe space of holding. Like a Guardian of this Time, this work coming. She roars at me. Aware of her force and her Medicine. Knowing well the Fixed Fire to her power. The Prayer goes on to the tending of those Fires. Working with the innermost soul ignition. Passion and purpose. Release and letting that glow shine forth. The Sun symbolism. Letting people shine their True inner Light.

She represents all this and blesses the times coming. The work facilitated. She also points directly to the empty House across from where I stand. The opportunity she brings for working. An opening for something absolutely magical. The magic at work yet again. Timely. Visiting those very constellations. An opportunity to be aware and notice the smaller cycles within the grander. A culmination that falls right on where I stand. I smile, realizing the divine timing. Preparing, so I can hold it in. Take it in. Dance with this beautiful gift.

Do you know your smaller journeys? Do you let yourself have this awe and wonder about how intelligent your journey is? How you have designed this magnificent and wondrous life?

I hope you do. If not, I hope you learn and let in a new dimension to your conscious living. Perhaps a New Moon Fixed Fire intention? It’s coming up Thursday.