Plugged in

Believing in the intelligence, trusting whatever reason for being here, this pulse is awakening that within that wants to be known. Somewhat wilder and thus purer, undisturbed and unmixed with those frequencies that come from too many different people’s thoughts, too many voices too, too much artificial light drowning out the darkness that is needed to show the stars, the planets, other sky activity (whatever they be), silencing the inner voice that wants to hum along those sounds from all the life that embraces your being out here in the wilderness, how sudden rain changes the perfume of the forest and the wet soil. The Ocean appears from beneath the valley, reaching the top of the hill, nothing disturbs the view of the coastline, this horizon looks like it is the end of the world and the blue is all there is, should you decide to venture.

The markings on the rocks silently whisper to you, once you dare to trespass what you have been told. The boat image disappears and become something else that is obvious, the images talk to you so easily once you let them and step out of your modern ideas and become one with this One soul that is ancestral and ask the collective for its memories. There is a little way to go still before this becomes natural again too, before we stop deciding what is truth and untruth, until we stop preaching what our egos need to claim is the truth and let the past speak to us about what we have forgotten, but what wants so to be remembered, to change the direction we’ve falsely, accidentally steered onto, and remembering, learning re-implementing the accordance to life with nature will reset that path and give us a chance to change a future that looks dark for us.

The whispers are louder and clearer in these places. The wild is left to charge her visitors. To embed within them a seed of hope. A dream that comes at night. A notion of yearning. Longing to return to a lost state. To live in accordance with that peace.

The mind is tired in these times. The mind lets go and rewinds and think again. In that rewinding the soul is allowed to reflect and bring certain images to that constant judging, analyzing, deciding, sorting out, filtering, choosing, changing, trying to figure out. It happens sometimes that a light shines through and illuminates a dark chamber of looping thoughts. Perhaps it changes the course after the retrograding, perhaps it is ignored. Trusting that something that was illuminated within while aligning with a vibration that planted a tiny seed.

Of course, if you don’t believe in the intelligence of yourself, your soul, the happening onto places and events, all of this is nonsense to you, and thus you will dismiss the idea that it may have ever been like this in a past that was spared the enslaving of our modern lives where technology and internet owns our lives and records our every move.

For the rest of us who are still plugged into the only REAL-I-ty, the only place that truly records our every move is the Akashic field. We who remember are still insisting on telling those stories, though we seem mad to those who are plugged into the matrix and are desperately trying to keep us well fed and asleep. But if you happened to visit those wild places, you have been charged by her. And if you should happen to notice it so.. there is still hope.