Full Moon Eclipse version July 2019

She snuck in through my bedroom window and kissed my forehead.

‘You are it.’

I woke up in that dark night curious to what may have woken me but there was only a presence in the room. Omens would appear after that. Until she made presence and purpose fully known.

She and I made a pact to be here together during these times, these events. She is the invisible force teaching me how to be woman in all her archetypal dresses. She has invoked something within me that is personal, something without me that is collective, I am her mediator, her voice, her breath, her cry.

She wanted balance. She wanted justice. She wanted righteous understanding and she wanted change. To come forth in this world now she had waited at the entrance, having come through eons of portals, waiting since the last coming, to come again.

She wanted to release the anger for an injustice done. She wanted to let us know she is not it. She cares less for human emotions. She is not who is reciprocating when called upon through anger or despair. She is not a demon men in this world fears. She wanted them to know that demon is within themselves for fearing the feminine in themselves.

The magic, the force, the ability to destroy, the power, they claim to be belittled by when misused and abused. The fear of being bound, controlled, made powerless by, tricked. They lack knowledge that those tricks can only appear where the opposite is lacking- and is actually there to make them stronger, independent, stand strong in their own balance of ebbs and flows. So frightened by the natural forces, so scared of being insignificant they make up their need for wars and territorial gains. Feeling aroused by controlling the force they fear.

For women to own and balance her forces, to release the anger she blasts towards the physical stronger man who has denied her, suppressed her, burned her for healing powers, raped her and made her mad, hysterically angry. Who ridicules and denies her for those emotional hormonal powers, because he will never know what it means to be woman, but also punishes him and castrates him for wanting to love her.

So scared of life on Earth, they make rules and games to try and breathe through it. But reality is that life is dangerous, uncontrollable, forceful, powerful, unfair, violent and raw, nothing is safe, nothing can be prevented. But the Life itself is joyful, love is the overall force, nothing and no one can harm you, you are eternal, you are perfectly safe and cared for, but just realize it doesn’t mean that Earth-life can be clung to. You must be ready to let go and let flow instead. That is the key to being happy here. Knowing that. Seeing through that. Stop taking everything personal. She is NOT the one who destroys what isn’t strong enough to stand on this Earth. It was always already embedded in the very fate of the foundation; the way it was constructed and in the intention of the design. You must build again then- until what you build is built with the only everlasting substance.

This is what she wants to bring through. Her key. Her true legacy. And that IS frightening if you are unwilling to do the work, to change your perspective and your ego has you locked into a reality that is denying your true purpose of being here. Then she may seem to you an evil mistress who is destructive and angry. But that is your perception of her and not her true nature.

A lot of us were there when they tore down the natural sacred sites and built instead their churches on top of the Airways of Gaia, the chakras of Earth and worshipped something they put above themselves, outside themselves. Through the many centuries where the separation was celebrated. The denying of the sacred feminine. The Mother of all things. The mystery of what happens in the sacred chamber. The Heart chakra. The One union that dissolves and crushes all the push pull polarity games, the battle of the sexes that needs to be brought to peace and deliverance before the change of the course is attainable. So far to walk still, so much to be done. But we are here again now to assist this change back to a natural state. With her.

The micro personal journey she makes within us all is should make for an interesting story. A rite of passage. An inner marriage to be celebrated once she passes through. Perhaps aligning other interstellar events.

If she happens to be celebrating the culmination of that interstellar journey along the Full Moon Eclipse with those two other giants who are just about ready for their showdown over the coming years tonight give me a hooooooooooowl.

I will be celebrating the journey we have done together over the past 2 years though darkness to light and many writings, many breakthroughs, much ancestral release, much healing, much rawness and all the billion other reasons to be celebrating this particular Life on Earth.

Enjoy this portal time this Full Moon brings. Happy celebrating.