What is magic to you? Do you still believe in the healing powers of prayer? Has the world impressed you to become linear or are you out of endings and seeing everything as intertwined, connected, collective- do you feel engaged, plugged in, or are you deliberately plugging out- and of what? Do you believe this world and the events are without you, or do you know that you are part of it, in it, with it, and thus have the ability to influence, to change, to make manifest that which is you, in matter, mattering?

Are you anti-fatalistic? An atheist? Do you even know what words mean any longer? Or are you using them to describe something, you really don’t know? Many of those words are made up by people who try to explain and define something that is so liquid and inexplicable, there are no words for their being, which is why I claim that when trying to prove something scientifically, hold something fast that is not within physical matter, you will always be one step behind, cause once you manage to define it, it will have already changed into something else.

Atheism only means that you don’t believe in a god that is outside yourself. So, have you decided to know that you believe that god is within? Or do you not believe at all, that is in your self, your existence, this life you are living, the people in it, the world, the universe, the seasons, the nature around you that holds you and sustains you, that you are part of, because you are as natural as a leaf on a tree?

Is belief in supernatural really a belief or a fact? Are you sure you are right, when you dismiss those ‘fantastic’ explanations as nonsense just because your brain and mind isn’t wired that way, but in fact you will be looking like the fool for arguing the world is flat, when in reality (yes, pick one of them- they are plenty and multiple and you cannot prove they are not!) it is round-ish- and contains multiple planes, dimensions, and therefore shapes and layers of energy that are different too.

So, what is magic to you?

A trick- of manifesting something from nothing? Glitter out of thin air, a Fairy waving her magic wand- Harry Potter like events? Cause if you haven’t seen that magic is everywhere around you, talking at you, wanting to bestow upon you a magical life, with wonder, miracles and all that.. you need to open your eyes. Unless of course- you are very happy with how you live. Then by all means, just continue. But please don’t judge me or anyone else for seeing this world as perfectly wondrous, magical, alive with miracles and for experiencing them and being utterly excited and joyful about it.

...Sharing it with stars in our eyes, for being on an absolute adventure, cosmic treasure hunting our way through existence, wondering, cheering, dancing in the moonlight, star tickled, midnight blue bathed, tree-hugged, Earth birthed, through portal walked, gate crossed, Angel blessed, Fairy kissed, Milky way bridged, Water initiated and cleansed, Soul Fire lit, celebrating Eclipses, Solstices, skipping school, work, family dinners and other Muggle obligations to go through our Saturn transits, rare stellar alignments and to go stand a mountain top and celebrate the dawn, the sunset, chanting or sounding… We are the ones who feel called to bless lands, to converse with all living things, to listen to where flow and balance is needed- So we can't necessarily just do the same thing every day, we must go do what our inner guidance tells us- whether we are summoned to a ritual, a ceremony, a transition, an energy that needs to pass through us and we need to give it time and space and not disturb it..

You can call us crazy all you want. But this is LIFE with magic. Life in flow. Vortex life. Being conscious of multiple layers of existence. You call us all kinds of things- but truth is- it is only because you don’t know this life, you don’t see it, you don’t feel it. Or perhaps you do, and it scares you. Until you surrender and just go be in it. Just let go.

Be in the magic. Be in the wonderful life. We’re actually the normal ones- perhaps you are just dying to join us. In that case- you are always welcome!