The Solstice blessing

It’s a pull in the Soul and the well-known ache in the Heart. These little reminders of being alive and under human conditioning in this live-in-skin (and bones) experience are not painful, but it makes us honor the times we went through, praying for time, praying for ease, praying for space and coming home to ourselves, to knowing truth and leaving untruth.

The night skies that are so easily missed when the Sun never sets in these bright times and long nights- but she holds a doorway, she is still arching her body across the never-ending space, spreading out her starry dress and make for a spiraling dance into a black night. This is the mystery- this is the journey. The rocks, the carvings, that are aligned, the point in the chart that happened to be way-showers.

The way in and the way out. It is as easy as breathing once you know, you cannot un-know. It is life in 3D still, compassion and understanding at last who needs it the most, that teaches you patience when your fire-and air impatience gets the best of you. Makes you softer. Kinder. But ironically sharper at your own purpose. The landing and the aha moments still occur. Do you have something to pass on? Then who needs you the most? Go there.

The unfolding of life and the journeys. Passionately curious. You will see yourself unfold in multiple layers and levels. As soon as you think you are done it can begin again, anew, in so many ways. There are the ones that really surprise you, and you no longer keep track of the number of deaths you’ve gone through in your life. The number of births. All those passages. It makes you a traveler rather than a passenger, and you rejoice for being here.

This celebration, this Solstice, in this portal, I asked what to do. The answer was given: Celebrate love. Celebrate the Union, at last. It has been illuminated year after year. Invoked, blessed, prayed for and called in. This magical date.

Have you asked what yours is about? Have you called yours in? Are you ready to jump across the Fires with the open Heart, the Soul ready for receiving that which is truly yours? Are you ready to give that up, that which you need to put back, leave behind, give thanks for?

Blessing the ground you walk on. Blessing the Air you breathe. Saluting the ones who came before you. Being in tune with life and Earth so? Respecting your space, the place you live, the steps you take, what you leave behind, the resources you take, the food you eat- all of that?

Bless it all. Give thanks. Be aware. And enjoy this Solstice gate. Happy passing to you all.