Solstice cycles

Journeying through dark times grace always finds you. She is a song that cannot appear until you are open to receive her soothing words of wisdom. Until you are ready to ask forgiveness. For mercy. For help.

Activated then by grief you are able to let through you flow of eloquent words, like a second substance liquid from somewhere else- an alignment perhaps you were standing on, passing through.

These extreme farthest pushes to your liminal places on your time space passage mirrors the places you can physically journey to on Earth. It is a matter of finding them. Knowing where to go. To seek out that portal, to knowing it can be done.

Some argues it has to do with the neurological experiences of the brain. I will still maintain the opposite- from the outside looking in- that if reversed the observation and notion clarifies that the brain is the one decoding what the senses are already experiencing. But that holds for another story, and that discussion is a bit farther down the road, as the scientific world and its need for proof and fact, will always leave them just that step behind, as it is a natural law, ironically, that as soon as something has been declared ‘it is so’, it has already changed and moved onto being something else.

Last Summer was all about moving out of the angry feminine’s shadow. To gather perspective and realize it was time to release the ancient ancestral patterns and stop passing on the victim pattern to our daughters. To forgive. To release the past. To finally tend the wound and heal it. To bring UNION back into balance. To come fully and completely into both sovereignty and one’s own. To hand back men their sword. Some took it, some have still forgotten what to do with it and how it works, but things take time in transitions, and we must still be patient with each other. It brought about clear decisions. A lot of change. A lot of decision making. A lot of courage. A lot of hard work. And we left unhealthy relationships behind. We moved on. We came into our own.

Now, on the other side there is yet quiet. A calm after the storm. An experience of joy and love. There is no need to emphasize or condone one over the other. There is just that. Love and god is one and the same, and there is nothing that is outside this. It doesn’t matter what or whose language you speak or which letters, capital or deliberate left out to allow for energetic constructions in the pronunciation, you write, the intention behind is one and the same.

There are larger cycles without the smaller. Though the Moon is culminating into a beautiful Fire element this morning, there are greater portals coming. And then there are smaller ones. We pass them with every breath, in and out, every night, every morning. In and out of multiple realms.

It’s all a matter of perception, of deliberate awareness, noticing, listening, a matter of emphasis. Everything is sound. Everything is vibration. You can tune in, and you can tune out. All a matter of choice. All the time. Never ending.

Do you notice the connection of these cycles, do you keep track of your life and your wisdom, of growth and though you are physically ageing, do you feel a constancy to your souls unaged vibration through it all?

As if life has just begun, and you have only just learned how to ride that bike with no hands completely surrendering and trusting, that life’s got you, you are alive and well, happy and whole?

Happy Solsticing over this week coming. Look back to your intention setting at the gates of the Winter portal- how has life unfolded for you?