Looking back

Be ready to flow with the changes. The thresholds, the rituals made, the release, the work you’ve done. The many initiations, the step you took, the journey you did. Don’t be alienated by yourself, when you look back and no longer know yourself. It is but your identity you readily then shifted and asked to be released of. Remember? You did say a wholehearted YES in those many doorways and portals. You burned those words too false to ever speak again, you invoked and prayed. Here you are.

The Stars you once interpreted, you looked and listened, you kept track and you followed their directs and retrogrades when they followed you into the dark, in to the caves and out again, freer, clearer, more knowing, wiser and older, then younger and bolder. You started again in those rebirthing hours and left something behind that echoes forever in the white Quartz or on the cave floor for the next seeker, who crawls on their knees through the womb to understand how to be humble and let fall all their arrogance or their courage in one frail moment to let in grace and purpose, destiny and power.

But I look at them differently now. I came into my own and dismissed those who promised they wouldn’t predict but did.

The change of directions is perhaps just that- flow. I didn’t foresee it coming into this. Being open for change. Not remaining stuck in one direction, when life surprises you and alters your destination. Maybe. Or perhaps it was never a fixed point to arrive at?

Another Solstice gate is opening. It concludes and culminates the growth of a seed planted in Winter. How has work unfolded for you? Where did your steps take you? Are you surprised that you got exactly that which you planted? And also, the cleansing of the old that followed? Who are you now? The same? What became painfully obvious? And did you bend or break when the storm came and shook you to your core? Did you let go willingly or did you cling and held on too long?

Is love alive and do you keep joy in your Sacred Heart or are you angry, bitter and depressed?

Is life still a daring adventure with you on the path to no fixed arrival but for the sake of journeying?

Because there is still all the time in the world to seek out and consult with your Heart and ask yourself…