Messages delivered aren't always necessarily received instantly. Sometimes they impress you with wisdom you do not unfold, unwrap and take in until much much later....

Here are 3 stories. They all happened to me 4 years ago...

‘Where the salt water meets the fresh water there is alchemy.’ Those words found my opening, a trail, and started spinning a leftward spiral inside me. There they gently awoke every sleeping cell in me on their way to my core.

She said: ‘Wisdom needs to be spoken of. You need to direct it outwards. The world is sleeping. We need words. Conscious words. And thus wake up the sleeping world. I am glad you are doing this.’

I knew that spiral would eventually reach its target and start spiraling rightwards out again. Outspoken. Those were the stories that needed to be told. Before we forgot what language can do. Why we need to keep telling the stories.

He sat so patiently with me, the Whitehaired Seer in the valley beneath the Mountains of many initiations when I weepy eyed and heartbroken still back then told him of my lonesome journey. ‘What is it all for then, if all these hints, clues, revelations, visions, knowing, whispers, sights, journeying is done alone, alone, alone.. What’s the point? Where is the purpose when it never manifests, and I am all alone?'

‘Be patient. Write it all down’, he said. So I did. He concluded our conversation in the garden by reminding me of the wise words of another Master. ‘We need Storytellers.’ So I became one. (A few days later on the final mountain and at the final initiation, he also advised me to call in my One. Clever man, the White haired Seer!)

Understanding the two movements. In one symbol. The spiral. There is the way in. And on the same line, there is the way out. One direction Initiates. The other one Teaches. Layer upon layer of interpretation. No same road will lead to the same place twice. What can you perceive? Both movements at the same time dissolve time and space. In an instant. So simply. And in there everything is visible. Laid out. Possible. For YOU. IF you can find that exact spot. That space between.

There is a time to gather wisdom. And there is a time to pass it on. The way it was always done. IN and OUT.

We must not forget to use the language. We have to remember there is sound and vibration in poetry. There imagination spins a web of images and stories and worlds that can be visited without tickets or security checks. It’s free. If your mind is open, your soul can sing.

I remember my meeting 4 years ago with 4 rocks. They were found during the founding of the park around the bog, I was then having my daily runs in. They are rocks from the Ice Age. They told me then much as they are telling me today. ‘We are sleeping, because no one talks with us anymore. No one wants to hear our stories of old. So we are sleeping here deep within our core.’

In the middle of their square, I used to call in The East, The South, The West and the North. I called their spirits in. Their stories. Cause I wanted to hear them.

I called in the Ancestors.

I called in to understand the alignment with the Stars and the moving planets. I called in the land.

The moving Water. The rain, the thunder, the lightning, the ripples on the Sea and her ever shifting shades of blue.

The Wind and the thousand different ways she can sing.

I called in all that was living and natural. I crossed the threshold.

I heeded a thousand signs and listened. I sat in silence in nature for days.

I needed to know.

My destiny with the rocks, alignment, time and stars...