A song for You

Journeys connecting in time. The steps you took on sacred land, up those mountain trails, surrounded and soothed by the souls that remain. They left some behind for you to be nurtured and comforted by, encouraged and held in, those sages of old. They trusted you’d come. They knew you would. The singing and chanting in the caves up high. Or in the valley below. In the chambers. The marking on those impossible to reach mountain walls. The impressed, unprotected state. The altered one that comes only in handing over your mind and knowing you are open and able to merge and expand with frequency and sound. Even if it is soundless, voiceless, unheard, but not silent. They left that for you. They knew you would be discouraged, clinging to your ego when asked to release. Facing the unknown. The freedom. The self responsibility, the stepping into your own force, your power, meant stepping OUT of the shadow of others, ancestral karma, blood memory, programming... A healing space. They did the same in here. It is a collective feeling. The walks you did, feet kissed and anointed with the oils given from the sacred feminine, thus initiated you leave the old behind and begin the new. Willingly. Another layer shed. Truer and freer. Stronger and wiser. Keeping your youth in the ageless Heart. You come to know all things. All things from the beginning. Alternate endings or things you just didn’t foresee? Creation onwards or destinations fulfilled? Between the inbreath and the outbreath, what did you see? What did you know? When you surpass the teachers and leave the gurus behind and just come into you? Knowing truly who you are. Life is your teacher. You trust. The true tribe that became family. The thread ever weaving. Life is far from over, and some stories are merely just beginning. Honor those steps taken. They are still taking you somewhere endlessly beautiful. Even if you can’t see the finish line, just yet.