Earth Mother

The trails and rings of connectivity. There is such greatness to be felt in the World of ours. She is deciding these days and we feel it. We feel the eruptions of all those forces influencing, reciprocating, orchestrating, contributing.

It is in the knowing. It is in the recognition. And the conscious choice to keep holding the spaces, to step into our designated and agreed posts as facilitators, holders, weavers, storytellers, aligners. Obliging to become vessels and channels for this wisdom, this force, this energy.

It doesn’t have to be big. It can be the smallest gesture. In the knowing. In the awareness. In the fulfilling of purpose. Walking along.

She talks to us in our sleep, in our awake moments, she ignites the hope that starts the broken heart, we are all summoned here to make the change. Our future is not written in sacred stone it is in the present action, it is in the deciding, it is still in in the co-creation = YOU matter. You are part of this.

There is no more reason to grieve, to hurt, to identify with cause and effect, there is a gate here that lets you out- in between the sound and vision realms you can just step into shine. Let E-go. She cares not for it. She will shake it when she's had enough and if we don't change this course. And all the feelings you will have about letting this world go won't make a difference. So leave them behind.

I see the women coming together in these sacred circles, fully aware that they KNOW, they know. I see the men coming back for forgiveness, wanting to be released and find their own journey to fulfillment and stepping into their force, their principle, to be not projections of past karma or bound by fear. They KNOW, they know too.

We all are rising, balancing, all contributing, all learning to love again. We leave past action behind and come into knowing. We love. There is hope. There is O.

The Earth is singing, the rocks are sounding, their signs are burning, the vibration ignite our Hearts and their songs unite and frequency and sound is all I know, all I am.

The dots connecting, we are all coming together. Everyone has their part.