A Sacred Wedding

She lays within me voices and poems and songs for unfolding at the right times.

She places wisdom and knowledge in my Heart. Not my head.

She is clever that way. She caresses my cheeks with hard wind and pulls at my hair with her intensity. Nudges me to walk barefoot so I will notice the difference, standing on her hotspots.

She will tell me when I am welcome and where I cannot go. Where to respect energies and walk away, when to come and be sung, and be sung to. The humming in my inner Ear, the ringing in my un-attuned physical ear.

She calls on him differently. She invites him in to feel this power. His force obliges. He climbs her seat. The Sun breaks out and welcomes him as he embodies at last all that. She looks directly at him and he meets her gaze. The moment. Magical. Wild. Vibrant.

The Woman watches her Man stepping into his own.

They make vows quietly and sacredly in the collapsed chamber. Knowing where they are. Knowing what time it is. Knowing in full those annual constellations that coincide with certain celebrations. Having chosen them wisely. Having journeyed with them, through them, embodied them in full, they are aware of the Star lore and what shines through. The shining now is done consciously. Unweaving and then weaving a new thread, the golden liquid illuminates the eclipse moment. Sevens suns agree.

Those songs will unfold later. As they morph into words and expression once they have passed through the body. This is the only teaching that resonates the truth. I know.

A soul journey that is activated through the resonance of land. Places of power. Alignments. Presence. Intelligence. Wilderness. The impression of imagery and a long forgotten language in that sacred chamber that has nothing to do with death or dying, but holds all the secrets to do with living in awareness. Revealing their secrets little by little, once you get accustomed to that language. Waiting to have unlimited time and access to properly study what needs to be studied.

There is no returning from those places once you have been there.

As in not at all. Vows have been made. And thus the words find the hands and the motion is on. The story wants to be written. The message wants to be delivered. And so… the course changes when you agree to live like that. Sacred living.