Recover the lands, is the answer, when I ask.

The journey within in this portal time. The door is wide open, because it is invoked and knocked upon. The access granted. The Heart shines accordingly. It is the hand that is offered, the shimmering white Rose in his hand, that reminds me, who I am. The peace that follows. The peace I sought from within in these troubling times.

It is the permission to enter the sacred chamber. To seek union. The Taurus time. The Venus time. This fixed Earth time.

Now as the passionate Sun is still building and building until culminating at Solstice, with his zest for illuminating and piercing with light that seed planted at the Winter passage, echoing choices and intentions set from a much larger cycle than this one alone, it has remnants and memory of the building of other momentums, other portals, seeding or releasing, still now there are more blessings to be given, more gratitude to be expressed, more prayer work, more celebration. This gate. This chamber. This prayer. This Heart work. This union.

The embrace from Uranus and the Sun was just a kiss on the passing, The Uranus Taurus cooperation brings much more awareness forth. Emanating wisdom from somewhere else, no one taught us, it wasn’t written in any book, it cannot be learned, no leader can tell you, no one can make you believe or not believe, it isn’t a religion to which you must confess, it is already and was always within you, embedded in your very soul dna. This knowing, This wisdom. And when you dismiss the noise put in your head so designed to distract you from its truth, you can hear her loud and clear. And she calls you now. She calls us now. To come. To be engaged. To be reborn. To be in lOve. In that sacred chamber.

The renewal of vows. Not the traditional love story. It is love that transcends the ego, the teenage cravings for romance and the limited beliefs of what that is, it is beyond romance. It is life itself.

She brings flowers only when they need to bloom. Only then do we need their perfume. Only then their beauty. The senses that transmit that experience to the needy soul. That is romance beyond compare.

That’s the time. To remember. The portal calls you to be aware of this. Who we are without all that. Is not what we came here for. We didn’t come for this.

We came as healers, storytellers, lovers, creators, opportunists, magicians, artists, singers, sparks of life and love.

The portal is open. Make some music. Make some lOve. Happy passage. Celebrate this passion, the Earth-joy-lOve. This is the Venus message. The Fixed Earth song. May celebration. Uranus in Taurus awareness.

The Land is calling. It is sacred. It is being born again. This is the work we are doing. Recovering the Land.