The Witch

The dream about the dark feminine comes as I am journeying through a different perspective of Her. She released her grip in me or I in her. Or perhaps she never did, never left, perhaps she was never there, but just a woman archetype in her many phases. The girl. The young woman. The seductress. The sensual woman. The mature woman. The angry woman. The suppressed woman. The misunderstood woman. The powerful woman. The forceful woman. The wise woman. The detached woman. The needy woman. The dependent woman. The sad woman. The hurt woman. The calm. The mother. The childless. The talkative woman. The wise woman. The medicine woman. The seer-ess. The sorceress. The dark woman. The light woman. The shadow woman. The one who walks in and out of all of these, dancing through life, dancing through her changeability. Unashamed, untouched by duality. Knowing.

For as long as I can remember Witches have fascinated me, frightened me. I have demystified her, talked to her, understood her, seen her, been her, forgiven her, held her.

When I was in my early stages of ‘opening’, or ‘remembering’ as I like to call it now, my teacher told me it is normal to revisit past lives and become aware and therefore claim responsibility and then release whatever deeds done. And that most of us, at some point have been in touch with what we today would consider ‘black’ magic.

In my dream I run from her, the Witch. Knowing I too have been seduced by her magic, I run from her, to seek shelter in the house of my friend, the Light Woman, the Angel, and she takes me in. I have two other women with me. I tell them all this darkness is my fault, I have seen it, but I have left it and I need to make it right. In ‘real’ life the Woman, whose house I seek shelter in, and I talk about this dream. She knows exactly why I came knocking on her door, as it is part of an experience she had recently. And then I came knocking.

‘Ask forgiveness from all the souls that you might have hurt’ she says. ’I am happy I received you in my home. Now you are safe.'

I know I have abused my power in my life. I know I have misused my sexuality on my journey towards becoming a woman. I have felt shame and anger. Regret and frustration when misunderstood, mistreated, suppressed, cheated and lied to. I too have taken that anger out on innocents. And I had no right to.

Who are you connected with, who are your sisters, your Tribe? Who is in your Circle? Where can you go to with your ‘darkness’, your shame and guilt and be received. Held. Listened to with no judgment, but with lOve? With patience. With forgiveness? So you understand you must treat yourself the same way? Call back home your projections, your energy and embrace it with your lOve. Call home YOU and stay safely and nurtured in your Heart.

Many of us, not just women but men too, aligning and healing their feminine, are shedding this physical pain, in our arms, in our legs, in our lower backs, the old memory of unbalance in the forces. The wound we came in with.

Forgiving why we were living lives, carrying ancestral patterns and conditioning, so many reasons such forces were needed, why we are here today claiming it and releasing it, why it has purpose, even if it seems dark and shameful, and we feel guilty.

Why we are misunderstood. Why we cannot be allowed to carry our forces, to release that force somehow, somewhere, to be taught how to, so it doesn’t damage or scar. Most of our mothers were afraid to. Most of our mothers were raw and angry. Or sad. Their mothers too. And their grandmothers. It is time now we come together to learn how to forgive, to hold each other and our forces in love. To heal. To embrace. To not fear ourselves or be feared.

The Mind has come to an end. The need for intellectual judging, dogma and creating duality. It is so too between the sexes. The Masculine who fears the Woman and her powers. We need to merge, to be One. No separation. Tell me your story… How has this been for you?

Thank you to the Women in my life, who helped me learn to forgive and be free <3