Sacred living

5G? Are you kidding me? Plastic in the oceans, in the fish’s bellies? Bees dying? Plants gone? Flowers gone? No butterflies? Insects disappearing? Are you kidding me????

How we treat this planet of ours is a reflection of how we have become disconnected with ourselves. Our need for escaping, transcending, hiding, living alternate lives, junking followers or likes or whatever the hell it is we are so obsessed with living in our smartphones, that we cannot be HERE, look into each other’s eyes, connecting, sharing, caring, is seriously becoming a problem.

The problem is- we don’t care. We just want to be left alone and stare into that fictional world, that apparently has become more interesting and seductive, than being HERE.

Are you breathing? ‘Yes, I do so automatically, I don’t have to think about it.’ Erhm, yes you do!

The connection to your breath and the conscious act of breathing is sacred. So too is the connection to your body, your stomach, your core, your soul, your self. You. Sacred. Think about it. Feel it. Taste it.

What does that mean to you? What in your life is sacred to you? Is love alive in your life? Are YOU sacred in YOUR life? Not egotistical, not selfish, -sacred!

Love is not being loved by someone else, it is being love. BEING love. Joy. And when you really get the hang of it.. just being.

It is often confused with being happy. And being happy has its own set of rules and definition....Being in the right relationship. Being successful. It is all a matter of definition. And often it is someone else’s definition of success we compare ourselves to, as if ‘someone’ already put up a set of rules of must haves for living this life ‘right’.

Love is within you. Love is alive. Right now. Within you. Regardless of where you are, what you are living through.

You are never without it. You never need it from anyone else. You can share it with someone. But you are never without it, even if you are going through the most lonely journey right now. If you are disappointed by someone it means you have been unaware of realism. You have given your power away, moved out of yourself and into someone else. Bring yourself back to you. Breathe. Feel you. Feel the power inside. That is love, pure love, not just flowing through your veins, but the liquid gold in your soul. Love. Your ultimate fuel and substance.

Come out of the illusions of comparison. Come out of the prisons of the rules and the stress of not living right. What you should have accomplished by now. That job you didn’t get. The grade that sucked. The relationship that is not working. The unbelievable unloving way you are treating yourself trying to fit in.

Let that go.

Breathe. Bring yourself back to you. Come home. Ask yourself when you stopped caring about this. Then as yourself why. Then how. Think about it.

Please shut off your phone and take off your shoes. Go out and stand in a forest, a field, dive into the ocean. Somewhere REAL. And connect. To the place. To yourself. Breathe. Feel the difference.

And then I am sure you will see that how we treat this planet of ours is a reflection of how we have become disconnected with ourselves.