Charged lands

What does it really, physically mean to be energetically charged? How does that affect your brain?

Is that the one we need to examine? Are we absolutely sure how the brain works? This huge transmitter or receiver, collector, of impressions.

Why does my entire body tingle when I enter those landscapes? How do I even explain? How do I question, if I can't just accept and be in the experience? Is it the thrill of memory? Sensory reaction to emotional overwhelm? Recognition? - and if recognition - which part of me connects to this? Which body? My consciousness, my intuition, my awareness? From something I have been told, read, felt, heard or experienced myself, instantly touching upon a clear vision of myself walking these lands, raising those very rocks. But not in this flesh, not this brain, so whose skin was I in?

Is it a physical charge in these lands, as easily felt as when the cold wind touches you, creating instantly and transmits a reactionary contraction, making you shudder?

This constructed, intentional and very cleverly situated setting of rocks in exact alignment with certain celestial movements, foretelling seasonal change, honoring the magnitude of intelligent cyclical harmony between man, nature and cosmos right here in this particular landscape sings to me so loud my entire being begins to shiver.

Impresses me with knowing. Remembering.. understanding. Something I have always already known.

The Sun ups and Sun downs, the charged surge in the alignment of this planetary position and turn that occurs every 'day' as the rays hit the atmosphere, change or define the weather, the currents of our oceans, thus the temperature that rises and falls, make fish swim and navigate instinctively, turn the Winds east or west, blowing on the Waters, stirring an even greater event, calling to the migratory birds and telling them where and when to move, the calling up the cocooned and nourished seed from the dark soil when it's time to burst and bloom, stretch towards the warmth and light of the out-there-ness and the kiss from the Sun.. this particular seed in this particular soil.. but how and why?

This everyday surge awakens man every morning, makes birds sing way before Dawn, instinctively knowing it's time to rise and live..

Remembering this cycle, this dance of life celebrated in these very constructions.

Walking these sacred hills, touching the rocks, placing my hands on them, sitting in their chamber, the quartz activating within me, charging, impressing. Singing in me they tell the tales of old technology, this wisdom, this harmony between land and it's people. Sky people, Earth people.

I see Harvest Moons, Spring Suns, Midsummer's celebration, Winter's praise and night skies rise to cast a starry blessing from the vault of eternity upon these people who honored this, lived accordingly, taking no more, giving the same back and the magic of celebrating and gratefulness expressed in the understanding of harmony and balance.

I feel all this from the taste of the soil on the field close by, I smell it in the air and the charged energy from the width of the Circle of Rocks. I take it with me, to always remember, to keep telling these stories.

Before the songs are forgotten and we have replaced their true nature and leave them to be seen as tombs, death homes or bone houses.

Come out of your mind and know their story. You can do so by listening with those ears that hear. The Rocks are interestingly designed to do just that. If you should want to hear.