Spring Equinox

Do you still know it? Have you forgotten? Can you even feel yourself?

Can you still taste the way the stardust taste from the tip of my tongue, kissing me, making other use of lips that speak volumes of wisdom in these quiet inwards times? And yet you refuse to listen, solely because the words come from me. The woman.

Are you feeling the ache in your bones, the fatigue, the exhaustion? The depression from deep within, surrounded by energy fixed on draining your last individual rebel yell, and take from you free will, while you are still free and unplugged.

Can you still make the correlation to how She must feel, and how you are utterly separated from her? You still need to heal that wound. But first you must acknowledge you are indeed wounded and then you must stop looking for the reasons why and instead come into awareness that you are whole. That is how healing works. So simple.

It may be the collapse of all ideas of principles - as we think we have thought therefore we have been and are- Being is beyond thinking.

Can you understand the mystery still, that to you, not so long ago was the most obvious dream? But you forgot to not understand it with your mental decoding and now that your inner landscape has become estranged, you can no longer understand her words to you- and thus you unintentionally ignore her call. You know not she is calling YOU.

You used to walk the Earth and stand on a field and watch the flowers in Summer. The special homecoming sound they made, part of a harmonious orchestra accompanied by bees, the ringing sound of wind through leaves, the little hum of salt in the Air carried from the coastline visible on the horizon, a hundred different birds on their journeys following their path, instinctively, all contributing to this wonderful symphony, part of all intelligence, that very same intelligence certain people disregard and ignore as ‘coincidental’ and ‘random’ because they think intelligence cannot live outside their minds and are linked to the almighty human brain and is especially dismissed if it is not academically and scientifically put to record. You get lost in there too. And you can hardly escape it these days.

She keeps blossoming for you. Do you know that? Or are you too wrapped up in yourself and the totalization that you are wounded, a victim of your past, your experience, going through a hard time? Is the world really out to get you, are you exceptionally unlucky? Have you projected all that out onto your world and the people in it?

Because She will carry that for you. She will hold you, nourish you, care for you, rebirth you- every seasonal change is for you..and gives you the opportunity for you to shed, to manifest, to change, to shift. To wax, to wane, to consciously go into that sacred space within where you connect to sOurce, to lOve.

And you walk out of there replenished.. You plant your seeds intentionally in the seasonal portals of magical abundance. You leave your worn clothes and your outdated identities at the gates. The Door Keepers won’t let you pass if you cling to it. And you are left behind until you let it go. That is the magic of cycles. She holds all that for you. Transforms all your s**t back into life. New rhythms, new beats, new.. Because She is love and consciousness. And unlike you She has no agenda.

But.. She is tired. Her back is aching form taking all your projections on. So eventually She stops as her resources are all gone. The cooperation is gone. The balance of life, the give and take principle. She will be all out of resources and energy. And all life will end.

Until you from within that sacred space understand, that you are responsible for your actions. All of them. No one else. No one and no thing can happen to you. Where you are today is all- all of it- a result of your own steps down a path you chose, all your choices, the conscious ones and the subconscious ones. They are not from your childhood, you came in with these patterns. From karmic ties, from other lives. This mission. This purpose. You must look beyond your very very short spanned human life. This is the cycle reflected and mirrored in this human life.

Go inside and make those vows and pledges for your coming cycle in the Spring Equinox next week. The portal is opening. Call in. Invoke. This time is sacred.

Gaia is consciousness. She is alive. She is the ultimate feminine principle. Stop knowing what that means intellectually and go out and feel her instead. Know it. Feel her exhaustion. How does that correlate with your exhaustion? Did that wake you up now? Good. Act accordingly. By all means. Please, call your projections back now and rise up. Become. Live and let live. From lOve.