A state of quiet within the awareness of consciousness that we are being asked to hold space. Yet again. This time it is different because it doesn’t challenge us in the same way. We have undergone important transformation a lot has been cleared. Fear and attachment have lifted and shifted and we are coming into clarity.

Lifetimes cease to matter. Fluid living and being and walking in and out of worlds to find answers are of the essence. If it doesn’t manifest here, it will on other levels, other existences. Who we are, truly, becomes clearer.

What wants to manifest now cannot be done in the old rigid ways as before. We need to get out of the way and leave the shadow of feeling victimized. Leave behind centuries of embodying and identifying with oppression and lack of equality.

We have come into our own. It doesn’t matter anymore to stay in the loop of projection, mirrors and shadow. The detachment of outcome comes only when we realize we have stopped taking things personally. Other people’s journeys do not stand in the way of our own. The fact that separation is an illusion creating so much pain and co-dependency is obvious to us now.

True love is allowing all to unfold as it will in accordance with everyone being in tune with their souls. Let them go on that journey. Allow them to detach from you if your bond is (still) based on attachment and dependency. Set free and be free. Love is intelligent. The soul mates are already together, whether physical or energetically. Allow time, be patient. Manifesting physically is often slower.

The act of holding space really is a womb for birthing the new. That is the true essence of our Earth. She is making herself known now. We can easily tune into her. The same wisdom applies for leaving the need to claim what is right and what is wrong. Diet, nutrition, soul nourishment and everything to do with how to self nourish is individual. Ask you own body’s intelligence. Ask yourself. Connect to the soul within. You always know. No one else does.

Call in your soul’s knowledge. Attune.