Be you

She who is me invites me to go inside that sacred chamber of my own Heart Ask My body The intelligence from my own soul to my mind To make an alignment


She points to the ache in my back And why it is there The locked energy and the reluctance to let it flow to let it go

It has manifested as a physical dis-ease, almost real Pain to be aware of the unbalance

All is love as you know Already You are Love When you forget It hurts That simple, so pure, that easy You don’t have to do But be

Breathe in That what you are Find comfort there Soothing You will rise from there again and again Right there, where you are

Take your time For time is endless Just as you are

Look at truth

You are here And what is your Passion?

What are you doing with your life?

You want to help heal the World that’s how much you love Her That’s how much you want to be here

You want to be here to make it better You want to teach them how much love there is to be had That’s how much you love them

You are love Infinite, endless, bountiful

There is a burning Fire at the base of your soul that wants to rise She wants to rise And ignite All you know you are here to be

Walking with that Fire Through life In love