She looks the same, there in my dream, as she is getting on board the train with other family members.

For a few seconds I am puzzled, trying to remember why it has been so long since I have seen her.

I run back to the platform, run through the sliding doors and hold them open, so the train can’t leave the station. I call her, with all the strength in my voice.

’Grandma…!’ She smilingly walks towards me, hugs me, and I kiss her cheek and tell her how much I miss her.

She tells me she is happy I still remember her, even if it has been so many years, so long since she crossed the veil.

And then I remember why it has been so long since I saw her. In my dream I exit the train she is on, cause she has to go, and I am not yet to board that train.

This moment finds me in my waking state, the memory of the embrace and the sentiment and emotion is instant and tears wash over me. Not from sadness, but from love. From remembering the gentle hands of my grandma and in honoring in one moment in the midst of my busy life my ancestors.

The room is suddenly filled with their presence and lights flicker and my Heart beats faster. There is love here...

I am loved and held and I send them blessings, the ones in my blood- and soulline who have gone before me.

They smile and invoke and access the emotional waves in my Heart. They point to the beautiful reconnection with my brother in these times, they are happy. I know the message has many levels, the awakening of the masculine, the rise of our brothers.

Such a Balsamic Moon gift.

A visit from my Grandmother. And the reconnection to my roots and heritage.

A blessing and a kiss for the work done from all the many women in me <3